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Located in the northeastern part of Tennessee, Johnson City is located next to the Cherokee National Forest and in the Tri-Cities region along with Bristol and Kingsport. Johnson City has recently received positive recognition from Forbes and Kiplinger regarding its low cost of living and environment for businesses and careers. It is easy to see why more than 65,000 people call Johnson City home. Unfortunately, however, Johnson City is no stranger to accidents. People hurt in an auto accident, on the job, or through an act of medical malpractice may see their life turned upside down as bills continue to pile up. An injury lawyer can assist in investigating the incident and identifying potential theories of recovery for the injured victim. For a free consultation with our Johnson City personal injury attorneys, call Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz. With Tennessee offices in Knoxville, Memphis, and Jackson, we are equipped to serve all regions of Tennessee.

Seeking Compensation After an Accident in Johnson City

If you live in or near Johnson City, you may find yourself driving on some its busiest roads, including Interstate 26, U.S. Routes 19W and 11E, and State of Franklin Road. Whether you are driving on these roads or other local streets, you may be the victim of an auto accident caused by a driver who disregarded the rules of the road. Whether the other driver was texting while driving or following too closely, it only takes one small mistake or a moment of inattention to cause potentially significant harm to others.

If you are a victim of a car accident, you may have to deal with high medical bills and lost wages, in addition to physical pain and emotional distress from being involved in the wreck. Auto accidents can be complex when they involve commercial truck drivers, as big rig drivers and trucking companies must follow specific federal guidelines promulgated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). As a result, truck drivers and their employers could potentially both be liable for an accident. Consulting with a personal injury attorney in the Johnson City area can make a difference as you begin the process of being made whole following your wreck.

Tennessee property owners owe certain legal duties to visitors and guests. Imagine a scenario in which you are shopping at a store, and all of a sudden you suffer a broken arm after slipping on liquid that management had allowed to remain on the floor for hours following a spill. Depending on the facts, you could bring a claim against the property owner and pursue compensation for your damages. Slip and fall fits under premises liability, which is an area of Tennessee law that deals with the negligence of land, property, and business owners and managers. Liability can be established if a property owner (or its agent) created a dangerous condition or had knowledge of a dangerous condition created by someone else but failed to react appropriately. Another area in which a property owner can be liable for injuries is inadequate security, a situation in which those in charge did not take reasonable steps to protect others on their property from crime. Many inadequate security cases are asserted against apartment complexes, convenient stores, and shopping centers.

Healthcare Liability Actions in Tennessee

Medical malpractice can be devastating. Johnson City has a number of hospitals and medical facilities, and residents trust that doctors and nurses will utilize proper medical standards when reviewing medical reports, conducting check-ups, and performing procedures. Unfortunately, deviations from the relevant standard of care in the community can still happen, and victims of malpractice may recover damages accordingly. Medical malpractice can take a variety of forms, including surgical errors, misdiagnoses, and improper medications. Hiring an experienced Johnson City lawyer can be essential for building a strong case, including satisfying Tennessee’s stringent pre-suit notice requirements.

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At Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz, we have recovered more than $1.5 billion in compensation on behalf of injured clients, and we have served Tennessee residents for more than 30 years. If you were injured due to another person or corporation’s negligence, call our Johnson City personal injury lawyers today. You may have a limited time in which to assert a claim or file a lawsuit within the applicable statute of limitation. For a free consultation, call 800-529-4004 or complete our online form. NST is the way to go if you need a car or truck wreck lawyer in Johnson City, or if you need assistance pursuing another type of personal injury claim.