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If you have ever experienced pain or loss because of someone else’s carelessness, you know how frustrating it can be. In the face of the resulting grief, medical debt, and emotional distress, it’s easy and normal to feel powerless. At NST Law, we want to help give you your power back.

With more than 30 attorneys and 100 staff members, NST is the largest personal injury firm based in Tennessee. Our size supplies us with the resources to thoroughly investigate your personal injury claim. Still, it doesn’t compromise the one-on-one attention we devote to each of our clients and our dedication to the pursuit of justice. Each member of our legal team will fight fairly, adequately, and vigorously in the courtroom for your deserved compensation.

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Types of Personal Injury Lawsuits Handled by NST Law

Over our 30+ years of legal practice, NST Law has helped accident victims in Jackson and other cities across Tennessee and other states recoup more than $2 billion in damages for numerous kinds of personal injury claims. Our attorneys can pursue compensation as a result of:

Highway accidents in Jackson are far too common. Given the major thoroughfares like Interstate 40 that cut through Jackson, Madison County has become a hotbed of auto crashes. The county ranked third among Tennessee’s 95 counties in overall traffic crashes between 2016 and 2020.

If you suffered injuries in a car accident in Jackson, our attorneys are ready to help you build your case.

In January 2022, police had to shut down westbound lanes on I-40 between Law Road and Highway 12 when a trailer truck jackknifed into the median.

This incident is just one of many stories of dangerous truck crashes happening on and near Jackson highways every year. NST Law has secured damages for many truck accident victims, including $3 million for a couple traumatically injured in a truck collision and $675,000 for a man struck by an 18-wheeler.

Madison residents love to ride on the open roadways, as evidenced by the 4,000 Class M licenses in the county. But unfortunately, bustling highways and poorly protected cyclists make motorcycle accidents some of the most fatal.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a Jackson motorcycle accident, our personal injury attorneys can help you secure just compensation.

Wrongful death lawsuits can be tedious and emotionally draining. Tennessee wrongful death laws complicate matters further by limiting who can file a claim and when.

However, a personal injury lawyer with knowledge and expertise handling wrongful death cases can guide you through the seemingly endless stipulations so that you can focus on your grief and healing.

The Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Act requires employers with five or more employees to carry workers’ compensation insurance. While workers can receive compensatory medical care and partial wage reimbursement without proving fault for work-related injuries, it’s not always easy to recover the total financial assistance they’re entitled to.

If you’ve suffered injuries while performing job duties, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. The workers’ compensation attorneys at NST Law’s Jackson office provide legal representation and guidance for injured workers.

The Tennessee Healthcare Liability Act defines medical malpractice as “alleging that a health care provider or providers have caused an injury related to the provision of, or failure to provide, health care services to a person.”

This broad definition encompasses a variety of medical professionals, not just doctors or surgeons. In Jackson, NST Law can help you seek justice and compensation for the injuries you’ve endured due to the negligence of nurses, dentists, chiropractors, and many other health care professionals.

Our attorneys have also fought and won personal injury cases in the following practice areas: Social Security Disability, product liability, premises liability (including slip and fall accidents), negligent security, nursing home negligence, and wage claims.

What should I do after an injury in Jackson, Tennessee?

After an accident, your physical health should be your primary concern. Seek medical attention for your injuries at the nearest hospital or urgent care center. Be sure to follow up with your primary care physician (PCP) for further treatment as recommended.

You can also begin the process of documenting your claim and building your case by:

1. Gathering evidence, documentation, and contact information

Regarding evidence for personal injury claims, more is always better. Take photos of injuries or relevant items, such as road obstructions or skid marks in traffic accident cases. Collect doctor’s notes and hospital invoices. Find physical evidence associated with any accident. Speak with witnesses of the accident and note their names, phone numbers, and other contact information, and what they observed.

2. Filing a police report

The kind of injury or amount of damages sustained determines your obligation to file a police report. In Tennessee, drivers involved in accidents causing more than $50 in damage or injuring any person must notify the nearest law enforcement agency. If damage exceeds $1,500, they must complete a Driver Report.

Obtaining an accident report from the police can significantly impact the success of an insurance claim or possible future lawsuit.

3. Obtaining legal representation

Seek expert legal advice to assist you throughout the case-building process. The personal injury attorneys at NST Law can dive deep into the details that round out your case. We are here to help you turn your claim into compensation.

What types of damages are available in my injury case?

Accidents can affect victims in several ways. Injuries and property damage commonly stem from accidents, but many must manage additional kinds of fallout. Medical issues can cost thousands in practitioner’s bills and lost wages. Some accident victims must also navigate emotional or mental distress.

Considering the different ways accidents can impact victims, the Tennessee legal system recognizes three distinct categories of damages, or compensation for harm, in personal injury cases.

Economic Damages

Economic damages are already measured in dollars and cents. They are reimbursement for your financial losses associated with the accident and its consequences. This can include:

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages don’t come measured in dollars and cents until you assign them a monetary value. These are paid to compensate you for the emotional trauma the accident has inflicted upon you. Non-economic damages can be paid for:

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are rare in personal injury cases. However, they may be assigned as punishment for particularly reprehensible behavior, such as medical malpractice or reckless driving. If the defendant is determined to have caused the victim’s injuries by intentional, reckless, malicious, or fraudulent actions, the victim may be awarded punitive damages.

Does Tennessee law limit the amount of compensation I can receive?

Tennessee does not limit economic damages, but non-economic and punitive damages do have compensation caps.

Tennessee law states that personal injury cases can only pursue $750,000 in non-economic damages. However, this cap is raised to $1,000,000 in the event of catastrophic injury.

Punitive damages have more specific limitations.

A personal injury attorney can evaluate your case and help determine its worth and specific damages you may be entitled to receive.

Jackson, Tennessee Court

Proving Liability in Jackson, Tennessee Personal Injury Lawsuits

The crux of a personal injury case is proving that the defendant is responsible for causing the injury in question. This makes establishing liability foundational to your personal injury claim.

Tennessee law distinguishes five elements that comprise proof of negligence when established.


The defendant had a legal obligation to act a certain way toward the injured party. This is called a duty of care. For example, drivers have a standard of careful driving behavior they are legally obliged to exhibit for the safety of pedestrians and other motorists.

Breach of Duty

The aggressing party has not acted according to their obligation; in other words, they have breached their duty of care. Drivers who speed or run red lights would be considered to have breached their duty.

Cause in Fact

Whether direct or indirect, there is a relationship between the defendant’s irresponsible actions and the victim’s injuries.

Proximate Cause

The defendant’s actions were the most direct cause of the victim’s injuries; the defendant knew such injuries were a potential consequence of their actions.


The victim has been injured or their property damaged. The plaintiff has been somehow harmed by the defendant’s actions.

These five elements are proven by introducing evidence like expert testimony, evidence of custom, and circumstantial evidence.

Establishing each factor tells the story of the defendant’s responsibility for your injuries. Confirming liability this way underscores the justification of your compensation.

Tennessee’s Comparative Negligence System

Landmark case McIntyre v. Balentine, 833 S.W.2d 52 (Tenn. 1992) set a precedent for what has become known as Tennessee’s modified comparative negligence system. Simply put, this system determines each party’s liability in a personal injury case and assigns damages accordingly.

If the plaintiff is determined to be 50% or more at fault for the accident, they cannot recover damages. If they’re less than 50% responsible, though, they can receive compensation less their portion of responsibility. For example, if you were injured in an accident and your damages totaled $50,000 but you were 20% responsible for the accident, you could still potentially recoup up to $40,000.

Tennessee doesn’t utilize modified comparative negligence if it’s established that the plaintiff acted intentionally.

Never rely on your own understanding of liability to assess whether you’re eligible for any amount of compensation. Instead, speak with a personal injury attorney who can properly establish liability and decide fair compensation for your injuries and other losses.

Statute of Limitations for Tennessee Personal Injury Lawsuits

The statute of limitations is the amount of time you have to file a particular claim. In Tennessee, the statute of limitations for many personal injury lawsuits is one year. Family members filing a wrongful death lawsuit also have one year after the person’s death to do so. Though, this can be extended in some situations. Additionally, medical malpractice lawsuits and workers’ compensation claims generally must be filed within one year.

Other personal injury cases vary in their statute of limitations. Property damage cases can be filed up to three years after the date of the damage and product liability cases can be filed up to six years after the injury.

For more information about deadlines relevant to filing your specific case, contact the personal injury attorneys at NST Law.

Why choose the personal injury attorneys at NST Law?

With more than 30 years in practice, NST Law has recovered more than $2 billion in damages for injury victims. Our track record of cases successfully fought speaks for itself.

Our dedicated legal team is ready to review your injury claim, build your body of evidence, champion your case, and fight for your due compensation.

If someone else’s actions have caused you harm, contact us today for a free case consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Jackson, TN Personal Injury Cases

It’s normal to have questions after suffering an injury due to someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing. At NST Law, we value transparency with our clients. If you have any questions, we are committed to providing you with answers.

When you are injured or ill, you see the doctor. When you have car troubles, you take it to a repairman. The important things in life are best served by expert care, and your personal injury case is no different.

A seasoned personal injury attorney can help you navigate the nuances of the legal system and secure fair compensation.

While the cost of a personal injury lawyer can vary, many firms (including NST Law) operate using a contingency fee arrangement. Under this agreement, a portion of the client’s case compensation makes up attorneys’ fees. This arrangement’s benefit to the client is twofold: 1) they don’t have to pay legal fees upfront, and 2) the attorney is further motivated to compile a winning case, as the client pays nothing if they lose.

Tennessee law sets the statute of limitations for most personal injury lawsuits at one year. However, if you have a claim, you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Compelling cases take a lot of time to produce and effort to gather evidence. A deadline can make or break your pursuit of justice.

According to the American Bar Association, there are two essential elements of every personal injury claim: liability and damages. If you have been harmed and someone else is responsible (intentionally or due to negligence), you may have a personal injury case. Speak with an attorney today to find out if your claim is valid.

Tennessee’s modified comparative negligence system prevents injured parties from recouping damages if the accident is deemed 50% or more their fault. If you are less than half responsible for the accident, you may still be eligible to receive compensation. However, your percentage of responsibility will be deducted from the total potential damages. You’ll need a personal injury attorney to help evaluate your portion of blame, if any exists.

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