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Tupelo Personal Injury Lawyers

Tupelo Personal Injury Lawyers

The negligent actions of other people cause Tupelo to have a higher-than-average rate of accidental injuries and deaths. If someone else’s negligence caused you or a family member to suffer serious injuries, reach out to our team of Tupelo personal injury attorneys to explore your legal options. 

We provide our personal injury clients with the legal advice and representation they need to help them receive the closure they deserve.

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How Common are Accidents in Tupelo?

Tupelo has some of the highest traffic accident and fatality rates in Mississippi. City-Data reports that in Tupelo, MS, in 2019, there were:

  • 2 fatal accidents
  • 5 vehicles involved in fatal accidents
  • 14 people involved in fatal accidents

In 2016, there were 690 fatal accidents on Mississippi roadways. The CDC reported that in 2005, crash-related death costs amounted to $881 million, comprising $8 million in medical costs and $873 million in work loss costs. These numbers have likely grown since the CDC released them.

Besides motor vehicle accidents, a personal injury claim in Mississippi can arise from all sorts of common acts of negligence.  We have experience handling the following common claims in Tupelo:

Our legal team has years of experience providing our clients with the information they need to get through an injury. We look out for your best interests to recover and hold the responsible party liable.

How Can I Prove That The Other Party Was At Fault In Mississippi?

In the state of Mississippi, there are pure comparative negligence laws. These laws state that an injured victim may recover their compensation, even if found responsible for 99% of the accident. The payment, however, is reduced by the percentage of the driver’s contribution.

For instance, if you’re injured in a crash and considered 40% at fault, your recovery compensation may be reduced by the same percentage.

To prove that the other party was at fault /negligent, you’ll need to gather various pieces of evidence such as:

  • Pictures of the accident scene
  • A police report
  • Video footage
  • Witness statements

In Tupelo, to recover damages from a reckless driver, you have to prove that the driver’s actions led to the accident and that you, the injured party, have suffered damages from the accident.

Our Tupelo personal injury attorneys at NST Law know what evidence is needed to win your deserved compensation. We know how to gather the evidence and who to contact. We can help you prove fault and maximize your compensation amount.

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When Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit or Claim By in Mississippi?

A statute of limitation is a rule that provides a time limit during when you’re supposed to pursue a legal remedy for any wrongful conduct. There are two types of statutes of limitations in Mississippi – the civil statute of limitations and the criminal statute of limitations.

The Mississippi statute of civil limitations sets a time limit for how long a plaintiff has to file a civil lawsuit and other related civil actions. While the state’s civil statute of limitations varies between one to seven years, most actions have a time limit of one to two years from the day of the incident.

On the other hand, the Mississippi criminal statute of limitations limits how long a prosecutor has to file a criminal charge against a defendant. This helps preserve evidence and prevent an attorney from intimidating criminal charges indefinitely.

Why Should I Choose to Work With NST Law?

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If another person’s negligence caused your injuries or damages, you may feel anxious, overwhelmed, and confused about where to turn. 

Fortunately, the NST Law team is here to help you move forward. We can help you with:

Having peace of Mind – a personal injury case is a time-consuming and demanding procedure. It requires you to file a lot of paperwork, gather all accident-related evidence, and negotiate with respective parties. By hiring our injury attorneys, we’ll handle all the paperwork and complicated procedures to give you a chance to recover peacefully.

Negotiating and Handling All Communications – We have extensive experience in handling negotiations and communications. We’re familiar with their tactics and are ready to fight them for a  fair settlement offer.

Litigating – If we cannot reach a fair settlement offer, we will represent you in court.

Experience – Our lawyers have vast experience with resources and skills to handle personal injuries cases. We interview witnesses, examine the accidents, and build a compelling case for you, just as we’ve done for similar cases.

Quick compensation – Without an attorney, things may proceed considerably longer than they would’ve had you had one. . You should hire an attorney immediately after being involved in an accident. Our attorneys will file all relevant documents and represent the case on your behalf while you recover, moving things forward in a timely fashion. 

Appropriate medical attention –. We are with you every step of the way – from ensuring your payment covers your medical bills, to finding doctors who can attest to your injuries, and the medical expenses to help you get better pay. 

At NST Law, we know your pain and are here to help you through these challenging times. We will fight for your fair settlement, help you understand all of the legal issues related to your case, and provide you with the knowledge you need to get positive results after an accident. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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