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Car Accident
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For over 30 years, the car accident lawyers at Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz have secured over $2 billion ($2,000,000,000.00) in verdicts and settlements for clients hurt in a car crash. Our legal team aggressively represents victims of car accidents throughout the Southeast due to someone else’s negligence.

$1.5 Million: Couple Injured in Catastrophic Car Wreck

The law firm represented an elderly couple married for over sixty years. They were involved in a catastrophic car wreck. The husband had debilitating injuries, including brain trauma that resulted in his death. The wife was seriously injured, undergoing multiple invasive procedures to repair collapsed lungs, removal of her spleen and multiple fractures over the entire left portion of her body. The firm developed the case by retaining experts who were able to distinguish the husband’s conditions of dementia from the brain trauma due to the wreck as well as explain the extent and severity of the wife’s injuries. The case resolved for the Defendant’s policy limits of $1,500,000.00. Additionally, the firm was able to successfully reduce the medical bills owed in the matter, which resulted in significantly more money to the client.

$3 Million: Catastrophic Tractor Trailer Wreck With Married Couple

Team NST represented a married couple who were struck head-on by a “big rig” 18-wheeler truck at a high rate of speed on a two-lane road. Our clients had to be transported to the hospital by air ambulance helicopter. One of our clients (wife) suffered two compression fractures in her spine, a fractured shoulder and numerous compound fractures in her right leg. She was treated in the hospital for over two months and spent several months in a rehabilitation hospital. Our other client (husband) suffered numerous fractures as well including a fractured foot, sternum, and fractured ribs.

Importantly, the couple quickly hired NST’s legal team to represent them after this wreck and investigate the accident to help them receive compensation for their serious injuries. NST immediately deployed its Rapid Response Team to preserve and locate complex evidence and document the catastrophic injuries our clients suffered. Within days of the wreck, the NST Rapid Response Team had preserved critical evidence on the tractor trailer, hired the necessary experts to examine the accident scene, reconstruct the wreck, and investigate the trucking company and truck driver for violations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) to help prove fault. For example, through its investigation, NST discovered that the “big rig” trailer brakes were not working properly at the time of the wreck, which was a violation of Federal law. The accident reconstruction expert then conducted an inspection of the tractor and trailer and determined that evidence had been altered in an attempt by the defendants to avoid being responsible for the accident and injuries. The information our team uncovered proved to be invaluable as our firm continued to develop this case.

In addition to developing the liability portion of this case, NST lawyers began the important documentation of our client’s life changing injuries and damages. Because of the complex injuries suffered by the clients, NST hired a medical expert to evaluate the injuries so that the expert could explain to the jury the damages suffered by our clients in such a way that the jury could easily understand the catastrophic nature of our client’s injuries and human damages.

Because our clients quickly hired NST, the case was properly investigated and developed and it proceeded through litigation in a timely manner. NST pursued the case aggressively, taking numerous depositions of witnesses and the defendants, to get the case ready to be heard in front of a jury. For example, armed with the information provided by the experts, NST trial attorneys took the deposition of the tractor-trailer driver and was able to get the defendant driver to admit that the brakes were not working on the trailer when he left the company yard and that the defendant trucking company knew the brakes were not working and instructed him to drive the tractor trailer anyway. NST’s trucking safety expert determined that the trucking company did not follow Federal law at the time of the wreck and had numerous violations in the past. NST requested and obtained a trial date before a jury so that we could achieve justice for our clients.

However, before trial, after initially denying to pay fair compensation, the trucking company requested a settlement conference, whereby the case settled for more than the Damage Caps allowed under state law due to the egregious facts of truck driver and trucking company misconduct that NST discovered in litigation. The clients settled the case for Three Million Dollars ($3,000,000.00) within a year of the wreck.


Our firm represented a twenty-one-year-old woman who was in a head-on automobile collision where she suffered blunt abdominal trauma. At the time of the wreck, she was seven months pregnant. Although her baby was monitored closely through the remaining pregnancy, he was born at 38 weeks with severe neurological deficits and died after 18 days. Our investigation revealed that a brain injury had occurred as a result of the automobile wreck nearly two months before his birth. Our firm enlisted a team of experts and began to develop the case for the wrongful death of the baby.

The team of expert obstetricians, neonatologists, and pediatric neurologists all determined that the cause of the baby’s neurological outcome and death was the automobile collision. Our firm also hired an expert economist to examine the pecuniary loss associated with the young infant’s death. The Defendant continued to contest liability for the wreck and for the death of the baby throughout the course of this protracted litigation, which included many depositions across the Southeast, court hearings and motion practice. Two prior mediation sessions were unsuccessful in resolving the case, and the NST team of lawyers prepared the case for trial. Prior to the trial of the case, our firm was able to secure a settlement for our client for the full limits of the Defendant’s insurance policies, in the amount of $1,300,000, an amount equal to two and a half times the highest offer at mediation.

$2.2 Million: Auto Accident Caused by Construction Company

Our firm represented a young man who was severely injured in an automobile accident caused by a construction company who negligently failed to place proper traffic signs at an intersection. As a result, our client’s vehicle violently collided with another vehicle, and our client sustained traumatic and permanent brain injuries. We developed the case by retaining experts such as a life-care planner and a neurological psychologist to demonstrate the special needs of our client. The case was litigated and mediated with a settlement for over $2,200,000.00. Prior to settling the case, we were able to significantly reduce the client’s medical bills, which resulted in more money for the client.

$6.3 Million: Truck Accident Resulting In Death Of Retired 65 Year Old Man

Our client was driving his pickup truck eastbound on an interstate. A longstanding roadway construction project was still ongoing that day, and traffic was backed up. This was an anticipated traffic backup, as a highway patrolman parked his service SUV along the shoulder, with his emergency lights flashing, to warn approaching vehicles of the traffic conditions.

Just before noon, our client slowed his vehicle for the obvious traffic conditions. Despite all other vehicles in the area observing and reacting to the slowed and stopped traffic, a professional truck driver, who was driving a “big rig” 18-wheeler, violently struck the rear of our client’s pickup truck at approximately 63 miles per hour. This impact propelled our client into the police vehicle at the exit ramp.

As a result of this catastrophic collision, our client sustained significant and traumatic injuries, and was rendered quadriplegic. He was hospitalized for an extended period of time and incurred large medical bills. During his hospitalization, he underwent several tracheostomies, due to the respiratory failure he suffered in this crash. Our client was discharged home with a motorized wheelchair which he struggled to operate.

Upon discharge from inpatient care, our client received in-home care daily. Unfortunately, he choked while eating due to tracheal stenosis – a condition caused by this horrific crash. His wife attempted to help him, but she was only able to witness her husband become unresponsive – a condition from which he would never recover. As a result of the multiple traumatic injuries he sustained in the collision, our client died seven (7) months after the horrific crash.

Immediately following this terrible crash, The NST trial team began its intensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding this collision. After visiting the accident scene within hours of being retained, NST hired an accident reconstruction expert to examine the vehicles involved. Initially, the trucking company tried to settle this case for six hundred thousand dollars ($600,000), which was promptly rejected because it did not adequately compensate our clients. Thereafter, a lawsuit was filed, which was extensively litigated in Federal Court. The trucking company answered the allegations brought against it by characterizing this crash as an “unfortunate accident,” denying that they or their driver were responsible for our client’s injuries and tragic death. In fact, in an effort to avoid liability, the trucking company initially tried to blame our client and his wife for actions contributing to his death.

The legal team at our Little Rock truck accident law office continued its investigation through the discovery process, and our trial lawyers uncovered many violations of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) which were committed by the trucking company and its professional driver. It was discovered that the trucking company had allowed its driver to be on duty for nearly 18 hours at the time of this crash – 4 hours over the Federally-mandated limit. It was also discovered that the trucking company had hired a driver with many serious medical conditions. The trucking company’s driver had even been prescribed certain medication the week before the crash – which, in particular, was an automatic disqualifier under the Federal regulations. Despite the obvious fault on the part of the trucking company, it continued to deny responsibility for this crash.

NST’s Little Rock truck accident lawyers continued to fight the trucking company, hiring experts to investigate the areas of accident reconstruction, trucking regulations and standards, forensic cell phone analysis, economic losses, otolaryngology and forensic pathology. In all, 15 experts were disclosed in this litigation. In addition to voluminous written document production, a total of 44 depositions were taken in this case, all across the United States. Extensive motions were filed throughout this litigation, involving several day-long court hearings. Also, the NST trial team conducted several “focus groups” whereby we presented evidence to a representative class of individuals who might make up a potential jury so that we could determine how a real jury might react to this evidence and different arguments made by the defendants.

Shortly before trial, the trucking company finally admitted that it was at fault for the crash. Yet, despite its admission, the trucking company still refused to pay our client and his wife fair compensation, only offering One Million Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($1,300,000), which still did not adequately compensate our client. Several days before trial, the trucking company increased its offer to Three Million Five Hundred Dollars ($3,500,000), which was promptly rejected by our client because it still did not adequately compensate our client. Thereafter, with our client’s permission, we proceeded to trial.

The trial of this case began with a panel of 12 jurors. NST lawyers put on 21 witnesses, including expert and fact witnesses, in support of our client’s case. The trucking company tried to minimize the loss associated with the death of our client. On the final day of trial, just minutes before the jury was to hear closing arguments, the trucking company finally offered to settle this case for $6,301,713.00, which represented the remaining total of its insurance policy, increasing its “final” offer by nearly $3,000,000.00, and our client accepted this offer.

$1,400,000: Tennessee Couple Involved in a Head-On Car Collision

Our firm represented a Tennessee couple involved in an accident with a driver who hit them head on while driving on the wrong side of the road. The wife suffered significant injuries, while the husband passed away after being rushed to the hospital. NST filed suit to protect our clients’ rights. After conducting a thorough investigation into the facts of the accident and identifying all potentially liable parties, our firm was able to uncover two (2) additional insurance policies that were not previously disclosed, including an excess umbrella policy. The case resolved for the total policy limits of $1,400,000.00.


Our client, a seventy-six-year-old woman, was exiting a Kroger store with her groceries when she was struck by a driver traveling too fast and not keeping a proper lookout in the Kroger parking lot. The impact broke our client’s leg requiring orthopedic surgery where rods and plates had to be inserted due to the severe fracture. The defendant driver claimed that our client simply fell in the parking lot and that there was no impact with the car. The NST team of lawyers worked quickly to locate and preserve evidence of how the wreck occurred and discovered that Kroger had store video that captured the impact between our client and the defendant. After being confronted with the video, the defendants then attempted to minimize the client’s damages. The NST team of lawyers then hired experts to prove the human damages suffered by our client. The case settled for $639,000.00 before trial.


Our client, 21 years old, was injured in a single-car accident in which his driver lost control of the vehicle, causing it to flip over. As a result of the accident, our client suffered significant injuries including a broken femur, fractured pelvis, and multiple fractures to his back. Our firm retained an orthopedic expert who confirmed our client sustained permanent impairment to his right lower extremity, which would affect his ability to work in the future. Our client incurred approximately $40,000 in medical bills, and the case resolved for the defendant’s policy limits of $255,000.


The firm represented a twenty-seven year old female who was involved in an accident in which a defendant ran a red light and struck our client’s automobile. Our client was hospitalized for four days for a fracture to her right humerus which required surgery. Our client received an impairment rating of 5% to the upper extremity and as a result of the injury she was not able to work for over one month. The firm was able to resolve the case for $150,000.00.


Our firm represented a sixty one year old woman who suffered catastrophic injuries in an automobile wreck caused by an industrial forklift. As a result of this violent collision, our client sustained a traumatic brain injury and debilitating permanent and life changing abdominal injuries. These complex injuries required a sophisticated team of experts chosen for their experience in treating traumatic brain injuries and abdominal injuries. Our client had previous medical treatment for an abdominal disease and we had to determine whether the pre-existing injuries were aggravated due to the wreck. Our firm located and retained a noted gastroenterologist who served as an expert witness in proving that the pre-existing abdominal injuries were aggravated in the wreck.

Our client incurred over $400,000.00 dollars in past medical bills due to her injuries. Additionally, a life care planner and a financial expert were utilized to prove just how expensive the cost of future medical treatment would be and how life changing the injuries were to our client. The case was litigated and after an extensive mediation, we were able to secure a settlement on behalf of our client for $1,800,000.00. Following the mediated settlement, we engaged in extensive negotiations to reduce our client’s past medical bill obligations which resulted in significantly more money to the client.


The firm represented a twenty-year-old girl who was a passenger in an automobile driven by an individual who was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. The defendants maintained that our client was particularly negligent due to her being in an automobile with an individual who had been drinking. Our client sustained severe injuries including fractures of the C6/C7; multiple rib fractures, a right shoulder fracture and contusions of both lungs. The firm was able to resolve the case for $500,000.00.

$1.5 Million: Auto Accident While On the Job

Our law firm represented a fifty-one-year-old female who was struck on the interstate by an individual who was within the course and scope of his employment and driving a company vehicle. Our client was admitted to the hospital and she was diagnosed with fractured bones in her left hip and leg, two fractured ribs on her left side and hematomas in her pelvic area. In addition, she sustained back injuries and knee injuries. As a result of the accident, our client underwent several surgeries including an operation to repair her hip, surgery to fix the fracture on her leg, a total knee replacement and a total hip replacement.

We retained several experts throughout the course of this litigation, including an accident reconstructionist, a vocational rehabilitation doctor, a forensic economist, an orthopedic surgeon and a team of life-care planners. Following a long battle of hotly contested depositions, motions, mediation, court appearances and hearings, we were able to secure a favorable settlement on behalf of our client for $1,500,000. Since our client was working for her employer at the time of the accident and the client had received workers’ compensation benefits, the firm was able to significantly reduce the amount of money our client had to repay the workers’ compensation carrier and her medical providers, thereby resulting in an even greater financial recovery for our client.


Our client suffered serious injuries in a motor vehicle vs. pedestrian accident. The at-fault party was uninsured, so NST made a claim through our client’s uninsured motorist policy. Our client’s insurance company denied liability on behalf of the uninsured driver and took a position against our client by claiming our client was at fault. The facts of the case were extremely disputed. Our client was a pedestrian struck and injured by a motor vehicle driven by an uninsured motorist. NST Trial Attorney Derek Fairchilds filed suit against our own client’s uninsured motorist insurance carrier so that an actual recovery could made in the event of a favorable verdict. Derek prepared for the case by taking several depositions. After the insurance company refused to make any offer before trial, Derek took the case in front of a jury and won a verdict of $178,463.16 for our client, proving to the jury that the uninsured defendant was mostly responsible for the accident.


Our client was involved in a car wreck where she sustained connective tissue injuries to her back and neck. The insurance company denied that our client was injured and alleged that she was faking and exaggerating her injuries. The NST team of lawyers hired experts to demonstrate to the jury that our client was injured in the accident and lost income due to her injuries. Before the trial, the insurance company made an offer that client and NST agreed was unreasonable and NST took the case to trial. A Shelby County jury found that our client was injured in the accident and included money damages in its verdict for the sum of $230,000.00. The jury verdict was more than nine times the amount of the previous offer by the insurance company.


Our firm represented a middle-aged woman who was severely injured in a motor vehicle collision while traveling as a passenger on a bus that rear-ended a commercial truck. As a result of this wreck, our client sustained permanent disabling injuries to her legs, hips and arms. We developed the case by retaining experts such as a life-care planner, an economist and an orthopedic specialist to demonstrate our client’s particular injuries and needs. This case was litigated and eventually taken to mediation where we were able to obtain a confidential seven figure settlement.

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Obtained in tractor-trailer accident case for a husband and wife that suffered traumatic injuries.
Recovered in car accident case against construction company in which our client suffered a traumatic brain injury.
Received for a woman injured in car accident while on the job, who sustained numerous fractures and underwent several surgeries.