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Content Reviewed by: A. Parker Trotz
Mr. Trotz was recognized from 2019-2023 as a Super Lawyers Mid-South Rising Star. Mr. Trotz is also a member of the Young Lawyers Division of the Memphis Bar Association, Memphis Bar Association, Tennessee Bar Association, and the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association where he serves on the Executive Committee. READ OUR EDITORIAL GUIDELINES

Mr. Trotz was recognized from 2019-2023 as a Super Lawyers Mid-South Rising Star. Mr. Trotz is also a member of the Young Lawyers Division of the Memphis Bar Association, Memphis Bar Association, Tennessee Bar Association, and the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association where he serves on the Executive Committee. READ OUR EDITORIAL GUIDELINES

Mr. Trotz was recognized from 2019-2023 as a Super Lawyers Mid-South Rising Star. Mr. Trotz is also a member of the Young Lawyers Division of the Memphis Bar Association, Memphis Bar Association, Tennessee Bar Association, and the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association where he serves on the Executive Committee. READ OUR EDITORIAL GUIDELINES

A car accident occurs when one motorist strikes another motorist, hits a pedestrian, or crashes into an object. In a car accident, the driver responsible for the incident and anyone else involved can experience injuries—car accidents can even be fatal.  

Reckless and unsafe drivers cause car accidents. Accident victims and their families can hold these irresponsible drivers accountable. In addition, automakers and car-parts manufacturers can be held liable for accidents if they provide defective cars, equipment, or parts. 

If you are involved in a car accident that causes an injury or fatality, contact the Jackson, TN personal injury attorneys at NST Law. Our lawyers can review your accident and help you determine if you can pursue financial compensation from an at-fault party.

Table Of Contents

Do I need a Jackson TN car accident lawyer for my case?

You are not required to hire a car accident lawyer. Yet, there are many reasons to do so. A car accident lawyer can help you:  

  • Gather necessary evidence to prove an at-fault party is liable for your car accident.  
  • Negotiate with insurance companies and the at-fault party.  
  • Receive a fair settlement offer.  

Of course, not all personal injury lawyers have experience in car accident cases. By partnering with a top-notch Tennessee car accident lawyer, you can position yourself to win your case.  

How much is your Jackson, TN, car accident case worth?

There is no formula to determine how much a Tennessee car accident case is worth. However, there are several factors that can impact how much you can receive in damages in a car accident case. These include: 

  • What happened during the accident  
  • The extent of your injuries
  • Your exact losses 

You may also qualify for any of the following damages in a car accident lawsuit: 

  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future income
  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional and mental trauma 

If you experience a severe or catastrophic injury, it’s essential to include claims for future medical expenses and other losses in your car accident lawsuit.

What kind of evidence do I need for a Jackson, TN, car accident?

There is certain evidence that you need to win a legal claim against an at-fault party in a Jackson, TN, car accident case. This evidence includes: 

Police Report 

A police report is filed immediately after your car accident. To obtain one, you first need to call the police as soon as your accident happens. A police officer will arrive on the scene and take your information along with the information of anyone else involved in your accident. The officer will then use this information to produce their report.  

 You can obtain a copy of your police report from your local police department. If you need one, give your local police department a call. And if you have any questions about your report, you can ask the police department for further clarification.  

The Other Driver’s Information 

You may panic in the moments following your car accident and focus exclusively on getting through the post-accident period as quickly as possible. If you’re not careful, you may even forget to obtain the other driver’s information. Don’t let this happen to you. 

It is paramount to collect the other driver’s information after a car accident. Get the driver’s name, phone number, and other relevant details. Ask the driver for their license to confirm this information. If necessary, you can use your smartphone to snap a photo of the driver’s license.  

Along with the other driver’s contact information, request for their insurance information. You may need the other driver’s insurance information to get financial compensation for the accident.  

If you are hesitant about collecting the other driver’s information in a car accident, get the police to help. Call 911 after your accident, and a police officer can retrieve this information for you.  

Evidence at the Accident Scene 

Common accident-scene evidence includes:  

  • Photographs: Documented car damage, road conditions, and other factors relating to an accident.
  • Witness testimonials: Firsthand insights into an accident from people who saw it happen or responded to the incident.
  • Official records: A police report that is part of the public record.  

Collect as much evidence as you can following your car accident. With plenty of evidence at your disposal, you can build a strong case against the party responsible for your accident.  

Medical Bills 

You can pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical treatment after your car accident. If someone else is responsible for your accident, this individual can be held accountable for your medical expenses.  

Keep track of your medical bills in the days, weeks, and months after your car accident. You may qualify for economic damages, allowing you to recover some or all of the costs of these bills from the at-fault party.  

What Is the statute of limitations for car accidents in Jackson Tennessee?

There is a one-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Tennessee. This means you have one year from the date of your car accident to file a lawsuit against an at-fault party for damages.  

 In wrongful death car accident cases, the one-year statute of limitations still applies. A family member of the accident victim can sue the at-fault party for wrongful death. This individual may recover economic or non-economic damages for their loss.  

It is very important to work quickly to submit a legal claim against an at-fault party following a car accident. With NST Law’s Tennessee personal injury attorneys helping you gather evidence, you will be well-equipped to file a case on time and recover full compensation.   

What if I was partially at fault for a car accident?

Comparative negligence applies in Tennessee personal injury cases where fault can be assigned to both a plaintiff and defendant. If you are partially at fault in a car accident case, you may lose a portion of your damages.  

For example, a car accident victim can file a lawsuit for $10,000 in damages. If a judge or jury rules that the victim is 20% at fault for the accident, this individual will be awarded $8,000.  

The knowledgeable car accident attorneys at NST Law can help you recover the highest possible compensation from an at-fault party. We’ll review your case, gather evidence, and put together a strong argument on your behalf. We can prove to a judge or jury that the at-fault party is primarily responsible for your accident.

Dangerous intersections in Jackson, TN

A car accident can happen at any intersection, but drivers are more prone to accidents at certain intersections in Jackson, TN. Here are some of the most dangerous intersections in Jackson: 

  • Prospect and West Forest Avenue: This intersection is located near Family Dollar, Highland Heights Methodist Church, and other high-traffic venues. 
  • Interchange at Interstate 40 and State Route 186: This intersection helps connect the northern and southern portions of Jackson. As such, the intersection is busy, which makes it a top spot for car accidents in the city.  
  • North Parkway and North Highland Avenue: This intersection has lots of traffic on a daily basis. Fortunately, in June 2021, Jackson officials approved a proposal to provide crosswalks and crossing signals at this intersection. This could help reduce the number of car accidents at this intersection moving forward.  

You must practice caution at all Jackson intersections any time you’re behind the wheel. In doing so, you can limit the risk of a car accident, thus protecting yourself and others against car accident injuries and fatalities.  

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Our Tennessee car accident lawyers can meet with you to discuss your case. To find out more or request a free consultation, contact us online or call us at 731-427-5550. 

NST Law Attorneys Corey Trotz and Alex Saharovich

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