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Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Verdicts & Settlements

Our firm represented the estate of a 76-year-old woman in a case involving nursing home neglect. The woman developed a large bedsore from being left in one position for prolonged periods while admitted at a nursing home. She died as a result of the severity of her bedsore. Our firm investigated this claim and enlisted medical experts who linked the death to the bedsore suffered at the nursing home. Liability in this case was fiercely disputed, and our team of lawyers began preparing the case for trial. During the course of the extended litigation, our firm successfully fought the defendant’s attempts to submit this claim to arbitration. We continually developed the case through motion practice, hearings and depositions of medical experts, treating physicians and a multitude of witnesses. Two days before the trial of this case was scheduled to begin, our firm was able to secure a settlement for our client in the amount of $300,000.00.

The law firm represented a family on behalf of their deceased brother in a nursing home abuse and neglect case. The Decedent was admitted to the nursing home because of his mental condition and various physical ailments. He was sixty-one years old at the time of his admission. The Decedent was there for two and a half weeks and was given no food or water during the last four days there. He died as a result. The case was extensively litigated and was prepared for trial when the matter was resolved for a significant out of court settlement, the amount which is confidential.

A middle aged gentleman with a history of obesity and breathing problems was rehabilitating at a nursing home. The patient had a tracheostomy tube, which aided his breathing. This was inserted prior to entering the nursing home. The nursing home staff failed to properly clean or regulate the patient’s tracheostomy tube. As a result, the tracheostomy tube became blocked with his own mucous. He went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to the hospital. The patient survived the incident, but had severe brain damage. He died six (6) months later due to a variety of complications. The firm litigated and developed the case by retaining a nursing home expert and a respiratory therapist expert. We also did some investigative research into the Defendant’s financial background and employees. Finally, we aggressively deposed former and current nursing home staff members. The firm was able to take this case to mediation and resolve the matter for a confidential amount.

The law firm represented a family on behalf of their deceased father in a nursing home abuse and neglect case. The Decedent was sixty years old and was admitted to the nursing home after a stroke. He was kept at the nursing home for about eight months. During that time period, the Decedent was not properly turned and was left in his urine and feces. Eventually, a bed sore formed on his buttock, which became septic and killed him. A lawsuit was filed and the firm engaged in a successful battle to preserve the family’s right to trial by jury by defeating an arbitration provision. Thereafter, extensive discovery and depositions were conducted and the case was resolved at mediation for a significant confidential out of court settlement.