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L'Oreal Hair Straightener Uterine Cancer Lawsuit

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If you used L’Oreal hair straighteners and were diagnosed with uterine cancer, you deserve a thorough investigation into whether those products led to your illness and, if they did, compensation for your ordeal. Call the champs at NST Law to discuss your legal options today.

When you choose a product like a hair straightener, you assume it won’t harm you if you use it as directed. The burden is not on you to investigate every ingredient and determine whether you might face problems. The onus is on companies to ensure their products are safe before you even have a chance to choose them from the shelf. 

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes a company may intentionally hide the harmful effects of its products or ignore warnings from its scientists in the name of profits. A company may not even do the necessary research to determine if its products’ ingredients can hurt you. 

A recent study showed a link between L’Oreal hair straighteners and uterine cancer. If you used hair straighteners and developed uterine cancer, contact the product liability lawyers at NST Law immediately so we can evaluate your case.

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NST Law Has Been Fighting Powerful Corporations Like L'Oreal for Decades

Product liability cases are very complex. A L’Oreal uterine cancer lawsuit will hinge on whether there is an actual causal connection between the company’s hair straightener products and your uterine cancer. Both sides will have expert witnesses to back up their claims, and L’Oreal will likely try to get your case dismissed outright. 

At NST Law, we have the tenacity and experience to take on corporations and win compensation when they cause harm. We have delivered significant verdicts and settlements for our clients through hard work and intricate knowledge of product liability law. We have recovered more than $2 billion for our clients because we don’t give up. 

If you used L’Oreal hair straighteners and were diagnosed with uterine cancer or ovarian cancer, contact our experienced product liability attorneys immediately. We will listen to the details of your case and answer any questions about the legal process around your claim.

L'Oreal Uterine Cancer Lawsuit Overview

There are currently several lawsuits against L’Oreal and other companies filed by women who claim the company’s hair straighteners led to their uterine or ovarian cancer. According to the lawsuits, research shows that there is a correlation between uterine/ovarian cancer and prolonged exposure to phthalates and other chemicals in L’Oreal hair straighteners. 

The plaintiffs argue that they would have discontinued their use if they had known about the dangers of the products they were putting on their hair. Many of the plaintiffs had to undergo cancer treatments or hysterectomies as a result of their uterine cancer.

Photo of a woman using Loreal hair straightener

Who is most affected by L’Oreal’s product?

Women who frequently use hair straighteners are at the highest risk of developing uterine cancer. Black women are more likely than other groups to use hair straighteners and relaxers. 

A recent CNN Health article states that Black women feel societal and economic pressure to straighten their hair and cites a 2020 Duke University study that suggested Black women with natural hair were less likely than white women or Black women with straight hair to get job interviews. 

“What we suggest is that hair and the hair choices of Black women can be very consequential,” Researcher Ashleigh Shelby Rosette told CNN. “Hair is not just hair.” 

According to the research, “adverse health effects associated with straightener use could be more consequential for African American and/or Black women because of the higher prevalence and frequency of hair product use, younger age of initiating use, and harsher chemical formulations.”

Studies Linking Hair Straighteners to Cancer

A 2022 study by the U.S. National Institute of Environmental Safety addressed the link between uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, and hair straighteners. Uterine cancer is relatively rare, and the researchers found that 1.64 percent of women who never used hair straighteners develop uterine cancer by age 70. Women who used hair straighteners regularly had a 4.05 percent risk. 

Frequent use was defined in the study as using the straightener product more than four times in the last year. Women who used straighteners less frequently did not show a statistically significant higher risk of developing uterine cancer. The study’s results, which show that women who use straighteners regularly have more than a 2.5 times higher risk for uterine cancer, cannot be ignored. 

Did L'Oreal know about the risks associated with hair straighteners?

L’Oreal released a statement saying that the lawsuits against it have no merit. The company argues that its products are subject to rigorous scientific study and that it follows all safety regulations. 

Unfortunately, history tells us that we can’t simply take corporations at their word that they have done no harm. Tobacco companies, auto manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies have all been found liable for the harm caused by their products. 

The key to holding them responsible is proving that they knew or should have known the dangers, and to do that, you need an experienced legal team like the champions for the injured at NST Law. 

Complex product liability claims against deep-pocketed corporations and their insurance companies require powerful legal skills and extensive resources.

Photo of Loreal chemical hair relaxing product

Who Qualifies to File a L'Oreal Uterine Cancer Lawsuit?

If you used L’Oreal hair straightener products and were later diagnosed with uterine or ovarian cancer, you may have a strong claim against L’Oreal. Medical research has shown a connection between chemical hair relaxers and cancer.

How much money can I get from my L'Oreal cancer lawsuit?

Determining the amount you could recover in a L’Oreal lawsuit is hard. Factors to consider include your medical bills, lost wages, potential loss of future earnings, and pain and suffering. You need an experienced L’Oreal lawyer to ensure that the company does not try to steamroll you into dropping your suit or accepting an amount that doesn’t cover your harm.  

Large corporations and their insurance companies often delay proceedings as much as possible or offer token amounts in the hopes that plaintiffs will go away. If our research into your case shows that the company did cause your harm, your L’Oreal lawyer at NST Law will fight for every penny.

Statute of Limitations for a L'Oreal Lawsuit

The time you have to file a lawsuit is called the statute of limitations, which varies by state.  

Because many plaintiffs may not have been aware of the connection between their uterine cancer and L’Oreal’s hair straightener, it’s crucial that anyone who suspects that these products caused their cancer speak with a product liability attorney immediately. 

An experienced legal team can help you make the case that your claim deserves to be heard.

I think hair straightening products caused my uterine cancer. What now?

Photo of NST Law Attorneys

If you think a hair straightening product caused your uterine or ovarian cancer, you should collect as much pertinent information as possible and contact our team immediately. Write down how long and how often you used hair straightening products. Talk to your doctor about your uterine cancer diagnosis. Put in writing the effect it has had on your life and the impact it will have on your future. 

Contact our team so we can schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. You aren’t just a number to us. You are a real person — who is hurting and deserves justice. We will go into the fight against L’Oreal as a team.

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