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I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in Aug, 2017 and had a bi-lateral mastectomy in Oct 2017. After my surgery with the amount of cancer the surgeon had to remove, I was unable to work. I applied for disability on my own and was denied twice before I was referred to NST Law Firm. I made an appointment and took all my information I had gathered myself to my appointment. The staff was amazing and super cordial when I entered the facility. I waited a total of 4.5 mins for my meeting with the paralegals. Once inside they were do gracious and expediant with my paperwork. They went over everything I needed to know and within 18 months I was finally approved for my disability. Attorney Cohen and her staff are beyond amazing and kept me updated every step of the way. I am so glad I was referred to this Law Firm.

- Tammy

“This was the best experience I've had. The whole team that worked on my case stayed in contact letting me know the process of my case. The outcome was way more then i expected. The staff is friendly and helpful. I would recommend the NST law firm to friends and families. They are the best.”

- Nakia

“I definitely wouldn’t want to go through an accident again, but I’m very thankful NST was there to help. NST was the best call I could make.”

- Jillian

“I broke my wrist in the accident... it was very painful and it was very difficult for me to conduct everyday activities. A corporate attorney suggested that I call NST because they really hate to go against them. The settlement I received was actually an answered prayer and it came at a very good time. Without a doubt, I’d give NST 5 stars.”

- Jean

“I was on my motorcycle and a car turned in front of me and the next thing I knew, I was at the trauma center. As soon as I called NST, they got the ball rolling and every part of the process they made extremely simple. There’s no way I could have taken on the insurance companies on my own.”

- Matthew

“A car ran a red light and totaled my vehicle. I had back injuries, took about 2 years to heal. The bills were piling up and the insurance company wasn’t responding and so we called NST. I was glad that NST was able to get me a settlement that was able to cover all of my expenses and much more.”

- Shea

“After researching attorneys online, NST was just the better choice. They get results and that’s NST Strong to me.”

- Corwin

“A 16 year old was texting and driving and he came across the median and he hit me head on and... it kind of felt like a bomb. A co-worker recommended NST and after doing my online research, I decided to give them a call. Working with NST was a great experience. They handled my case with a lot of class.”

- Willie

“I called NST Law because I wanted the best team on my side. Someone was always available to answer my questions.”

- Terrika

“After the accident, I was scared and confused, but when I called NST, they didn’t miss a beat. They streamlined everything and made it easy for me to understand what was happening, even though I was injured at the time and couldn’t help myself. NST took care of every detail, and they had my back throughout the entire process.”

- Roger

“Calling Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz was the best choice I could have made. The staff and the attorneys took care of everything and they had excellent communication with me throughout the entire process. NST is superb!"

- Nikki

“Working with NST has been a wonderful experience. As soon as I called, they got started working on my case right away. They did an excellent job as far as I’m concerned. They kept me informed with everything, and they were just a bunch of nice people to talk to. I couldn’t have asked for a better law firm than NST. They were great.”

- Robert

“The insurance company was giving me the runaround, and I needed help. I called NST, and they took care of everything. The best things about working with NST are their consistency and their transparency. What you see is what you get. Because of that, I trust them 100%. They’re top of the line.”

- Rivera

“NST was the best firm for me to call, because they were understanding to my situation and very professional. I recommend everybody call NST Law if they’re in a situation like mine, because they’re friendly, they work with you, and they get things done. I’m very thankful for what they did for me.”

- Amin

“I would definitely recommend NST. They made me feel like I had someone on my side ‐ someone that I could turn to that could answer my questions for me, and it just really made me feel comfortable. NST took care of everything for me, and I was very pleased.”

- Helen

“I would definitely recommend NST. They made me feel like I had someone on my side ‐ someone that I could turn to that could answer my questions for me, and it just really made me feel comfortable. NST took care of everything for me, and I was very pleased.”“I did not want to deal with the insurance company on my own. I knew I needed help. Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz definitely went the extra mile for me and got me way more than I expected. I definitely couldn’t have gotten that money on my own. Team NST took care of me, and I would recommend them to everybody.”

- Renee

“NST is a perfect team. It was a relief having them take my case. They made the process easy and took the weight off my shoulders. They definitely had my back 100%. Thanks NST. You were there when I needed you.”

- Bobby

“I’ve dealt with the insurance company before, and it’s just a mess. Calling NST was the best thing I could do. They were very upfront. Everybody was very nice, very helpful, very concerned not only about my accident, but also about my well‐being. They did all the work for me. They got all the answers I needed, and they fought for what I deserved. They achieved their goals and my goals, and I’m really happy I chose NST Law.”

- Sandra

“I don’t think I could have asked for a better law firm than NST. They were there every step of the way, and they went far and beyond my expectations. NST is definitely the way to go.”

- Oscar

“I would definitely recommend NST to anyone who’s been in an accident. They helped me get the compensation that I deserved and in a timely manner. Thank you NST. You guys are the best!”

- Laura

“I called Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz, because they have a good standing, they’ve been around a long time & they take care of their people. NST took care of me from day one and made sure I was duly compensated. They went above and beyond my expectations.”

- Jesse

“NST are true professionals. They show compassion for their clients, and they clearly showed that they cared about me and what my needs were. Every step of the way, they had my back. Most definitely, I’m thankful I called NST. They were exceptional.”

- Wendy

“I called NST because I heard that they were a great law firm. I most definitely recommend Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz to my family and friends.”

- Jerome