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Tupelo Construction Accident Lawyers

Construction sites are known to be inherently dangerous places. This is largely due to the various occupational hazards that workers must navigate every day such as handling heavy machinery, climbing to dangerous heights, and working around high voltage areas. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 1 in 10 construction workers are injured each year while on the job. At Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz, our Tupelo construction site accident lawyers know how an injury can affect both you and your family. If you or a loved one has been injured on a construction site, contact one of our Tupelo attorneys today to discuss the legal remedies available to you.

Legal Remedies After a Construction Site Accident

Each year, nearly 150,000 people are injured on construction sites across the country. These accidents occur for a number of reasons and often leave the injured party with several avenues of potential recovery. The most common are workers’ compensation, third-party claims, and product liability claims.

  1. Workers’ Compensation Claims: If you are hurt on the job, you may be entitled to compensation under your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. To file a claim under workers’ compensation, negligence is not a requirement – all that is needed is that you were hurt in the course and scope of your employment. Workers’ compensation covers your medical bills, and depending on the extent of your injury, you may be entitled to temporary or permanent disability benefits, depending on the extent of the work-related injury.
  2. Third-Party Claims: If your injury was caused by the negligence of another party (co-workers and employers not included), you may be able to assert a valid third-party claim with the assistance of a construction site accident lawyer in Tupelo. An example of a third-party claim would be a worker re-paving a portion of Natchez Trace Parkway being struck by a speeding 18-wheeler. Here, you would have to prove the driver breached his duty of care to drive safely and you suffered injuries as a result. Unlike workers’ compensation claims, under a third-party claim you can recover for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, and other non-economic damages.
  3. Product Liability Claims: The injuries you suffered may be due to a faulty piece of machinery, equipment, or tool. Here, you may be able to sue the manufacturer of the dangerous or defective product for negligence or strict liability. Recovery for a product liability claim is much like that of a third-party claim. Injured parties can recover for their economic and non-economic damages. Moreover, if the manufacturer knowingly concealed risks or adverse side effects, punitive damages may be awarded to punish such conduct and deter others from acting in a similar manner.
Contact a Knowledgeable Construction Site Accident Attorney in Tupelo

Construction site accidents are often severe and leave those injured with disabling injuries that prevent them from returning to work. Contacting one of our personal injury attorneys can help ensure all your possible avenues of recovery are sought so that you have a chance to recover all to which you are legally entitled. At Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz, we help injured people in Tupelo, Saltillo, Baldwyn, Lee County, and other areas of Mississippi on a daily basis. Contact our law firm by calling us toll-free at 800-529-4004 or by completing our online form for a free consultation with a Tupelo construction site accident attorney.

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