Truck Accident Verdicts & Settlements

Couple Struck by 18-Wheeler on Interstate

Text: Team NST represented a couple whose pick-up truck, while traveling at a very slow rate of speed, was struck in the rear by an 18 wheeler on the interstate. The female passenger in the truck sustained serious injuries resulting in two surgeries. In order to maximize the best recovery, our firm rapidly deployed an accident reconstruction expert and immediately filed suit against the at-fault driver and trucker. After taking the depositions of the truck driver and the neurosurgeon who performed the surgeries, our clients' cases settled at mediation for a combined amount of $500,000. Team NST was also able to significantly reduce the health insurance lien claimed in the case, allowing for an even greater net recovery for our clients.

Serious Eighteen Wheeler Truck Accident

Our firm represented a family that was struck by an eighteen wheeler. Our clients were sitting at a red light when an eighteen wheeler failed to stop and plowed into the back of our client’s vehicle. Tragically, the husband died due to his injuries and the wife suffered catastrophic injuries. NST settled with the trucking company for a confidential seven figure settlement due to the death of the husband and injuries to the wife.

Vehicle Rear Ended by 18 Wheeler

The firm represented a sixty-seven-year-old male who was rear ended on the interstate by an 18-wheeler truck. The client had sustained serious injuries including a fractured neck, fractured vertebrae and rib fractures. The testimony of a witness was that the client was traveling at an extremely low rate of speed prior to being struck by the defendant truck driver. The firm utilized an accident reconstructionist and secured the "black box" data from the truck to help prove the fault of the truck driver. The firm filed a lawsuit and after extensive discovery, including several depositions of experts and lengthy mediations, the firm was able to resolve the case for $1,200,000.00.

Head On Collision Caused by Tractor Trailer

The firm successfully represented a forty-three-year-old disabled veteran who was involved in an automobile accident in which the car he was driving was struck head-on by a tractor trailer truck that turned in front of him. Following the accident, the client was taken by air ambulance to a hospital where he was found to have suffered multiple left leg and hip fractures which led to serious blood clotting problems. These injuries required extensive medical treatment and recovery. The firm aggressively pursued litigation and documentary discovery from the trucking company and was able to successfully mediate the case and obtain a settlement of $685,000.00 for the client. The firm was also able to secure significant reductions in the medical bills resulting in more money for the client.

Truck Driver Struck by Industrial Forklift

Our client was a truck driver delivering to a warehouse when he was struck by an industrial forklift inside the warehouse breaking the bones in his leg. The defendants denied fault for the incident claiming that our client should not have been in the area the accident took place. Our client required surgery for the broken bones in his leg. NST hired and used seven expert witnesses including a Forklift expert, vocational expert, economist, orthopedic expert and psychologist to show that the defendant company did not follow the established rules for operating forklifts and was at fault. These experts were also used to show the human damages our client suffered due to the fault of the defendant company for not following the rules. NST also hired a focus group expert to conduct several focus groups to help us prepare for trial. NST aggressively prepared the client’s case for trial and the defendant company settled the case a few days before the start of trial for the sum of $645,000.00.

Truck Driver Struck by Another Commercial Motor Vehicle

Our client was working as a commercial motor vehicle operator on the job when he was struck by another eighteen wheeler. The defendant truck driver was not paying attention and going too fast and ran into the back of our client’s trailer. When this wreck happened, our client had just recovered from a previous back surgery involving an unrelated wreck. The trucking company defendant attempted to reduce our client’s damages arguing that the client’s current back problems were due to the unrelated wreck and not the wreck that they caused. The trucking company even hired two expert witness doctors to testify that our client’s back was not injured in the wreck. The NST team of lawyers deeply believed in our client and his injuries and hired four expert witness doctors to show that in fact our client did suffer back injuries from being struck by the eighteen wheeler. In addition, NST hired two employment expert witnesses to show that our client had suffered a loss of income due to his back injuries. The case settled at a judicial mediation for the sum of $500,000.00. NST was also able to negotiate an agreement with the workers’ compensation insurance carrier where the insurance company agreed to waive the sum of $341,039.55 that our client had received in a prior workers’ compensation settlement due to the wreck.

Trucking Accident Resulting in Death

Our firm represented a 58-year-old man who was tragically killed when he was struck by an 18-wheeler on a bridge. Team NST immediately began its investigation and development of this case for hotly contested litigation. The Trucking company refused to accept responsibility for this wreck, so our litigation team enlisted several experts, including accident reconstructionists, trucking industry experts and engineers. Our firm also hired an expert economist to evaluate the economic loss suffered as a result of the death of this gentleman. Throughout the intense litigation process, our litigation team took over 18 depositions, engaged in many court hearings and vigorous motion practice. The case was mediated just a few months before trial, where the matter was resolved for a significant confidential seven-figure settlement.

Truck Accident Causing Injuries to Motorcycle Driver

Our client was operating a motorcycle and was struck by a truck. Our client suffered numerous and significant injuries and incurred over $400,000 in medical bills. A significant confidential settlement was reached with the defendants, compensating our injured client.

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