Memphis Trucking Accidents

Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz (“NST Law”) is a full-service personal injury law firm dedicated to representing persons injured in automobile and trucking accidents in Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee. Our attorneys are dedicated to providing skilled, professional, and personal legal counsel to all clients. In addition, our attorneys seek to guide injured victims and their loved ones through the difficult period of time following a Memphis automobile or trucking accident.

Out of all types of motor vehicle accidents, trucking accidents can be the most traumatic and tragic. Due to the size of commercial trucks, tractor-trailers, and 18-wheelers, the impact between one of these vehicles and a private passenger vehicle can be devastating. Trucking accidents often cause severe and permanent injuries, including paraplegia, quadriplegia, and loss of limbs. In addition, a trucking accident may result in loss of life.

Trucking cases can be complex, as truckers driving through Memphis and Tennessee are subject to various federal regulations that must be followed at all times. For instance, truck drivers must keep accurate travel logs regarding hours of service, and they cannot drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Our trucking accident attorneys understand these Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and, after investigating a trucking accident, can pinpoint potential violations to help prove the truck driver’s negligence. In addition, our attorneys can retain experts to help inspect the trucking company’s maintenance records and analyze the truck’s “black box” data to help prove fault.

In catastrophic injury cases, our attorneys aggressively pursue maximum compensation for clients. If a trucking accident victim is fortunate enough to survive the accident, he or she may suffer from paraplegia, quadriplegia, loss of limbs, or even brain damage. These conditions, in addition to requiring high medical bills, may render a victim unable to work and earn a living. At NST Law, our attorneys have the knowledge and skill needed to help our clients recover maximum damages for medical bills, lost wages, permanent disability, and pain and suffering. We have the resources to retain experts to help develop life care plans, produce day in the life videos, document current and future medical expenses, prepare psychosocial reports, and develop economic reports for clients who have suffered injuries resulting in long-term or permanent disability. With over twenty years experience handling trucking accident cases in Tennessee state and federal courtrooms, we understand how to create and execute effective legal strategies for our clients.

Trucking accidents occur frequently in Memphis on Interstate 40, Interstate 240, and Interstate 55. If you have been injured in a trucking accident in Memphis, Germantown, Frayser, or anywhere in Shelby County, we invite you to contact us today to discuss your situation with a dedicated Memphis trucking accident attorney. At NST Law, clients always come first. Our trucking accident attorneys will fight for fair compensation for you, and we will do everything we can to take care of you during the process.

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“Calling Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz was the best choice I could have made. The staff and the attorneys took care of everything and they had excellent communication with me throughout the entire process. NST is superb!"
“NST is a perfect team. It was a relief having them take my case. They made the process easy and took the weight off my shoulders. They definitely had my back 100%. Thanks NST. You were there when I needed you.” Bobby, NST Client
“I don’t think I could have asked for a better law firm than NST. They were there every step of the way, and they went far and beyond my expectations. NST is definitely the way to go.” Oscar, NST Client
“I would definitely recommend NST to anyone who’s been in an accident. They helped me get the compensation that I deserved and in a timely manner. Thank you NST. You guys are the best!” Laura, NST Client
“NST are true professionals. They show compassion for their clients, and they clearly showed that they cared about me and what my needs were. Every step of the way, they had my back. Most definitely, I’m thankful I called NST. They were exceptional.” Wendy, NST Client