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Bordeaux Nursing Home Fined by Tennessee Department of Health

Nashville Long Term Care & Rehabilitation Center is a skilled nursing facility located on the northwest side of Nashville, Tennessee, whose website says their facility “enables patients to receive the care they need with the dignity they deserve.” The facility holds 419 certified beds and is operated by Louisville, KY-based operator Signature HealthCARE LLC. The facility has recently been in trouble with the Tennessee Department of Health, who conducted a recent investigation into conditions at the facility. The investigation concluded on October 19, 2017, but an onsite complaint survey took place at the facility from September 25 to 28. As a result of the investigation, the Tennessee Department of Health has ordered Signature HealthCARE LLC to pay two state civil monetary penalties totaling $7,500. The fine stems from surveyors who found violations of administration and resident rights during the inspection.

As a result of the violations found during the investigation, the Nashville Long Term Care & Rehabilitation Center is also barred from admitting new patients. A special monitor was also appointed to review the nursing homes operations. The Center boasts a staffing rating of above average from Medicare.gov, but has an overall ranking of 2/5 stars, or “Below Average.” The facility has a health inspection rating of 1/5 stars, or “Much Below Average”, and received a federal fine of $67,925 on March 26, 2015 for a serious citation. The facility does have an above-average staffing level, which is not the case for all elderly assistance programs in Tennessee, as many have fallen short of caregiver staffing requirements. The facility’s CEO does note that star ratings factor in surveys from the past three years, and some problems that have been fixed can still count against the facility. However, it is important that patients, their families, and loved ones know a nursing home’s past performance and deficiencies when selecting the best care option.

Nursing homes often provide essential care for those who need help completing day to day tasks or managing medications. Families and loved ones of the elderly often place their trust with facilities like the Nashville Long Term Care & Rehabilitation Center to protect and care for their loved ones. Nursing homes have a duty to follow state and national standards for care, and to ensure that patients are treated with respect and given a high quality of life. Sometimes nursing homes and other care facilities don’t live up to these standards, and patients can suffer neglect.

Neglect can take the form of personal hygiene neglect, when patients don’t receive sufficient help with cleaning, bathing, laundry, or brushing their teeth. Immobile patients who are not turned often enough could develop bed sores. Other forms of neglect include basic needs neglect, medical neglect, and emotional or social neglect. Each of these forms of neglect can be a breach of the duty that caregivers or a nursing home owe to their patients, and may result in harm to the patient. If the harm to the patient was a reasonably foreseeable outcome of the caregiver’s negligent actions, legal recourse may be available.

Nursing homes and long term care facilities should take reasonable steps to take care of their residents. When reasonable steps are not taken, elderly patients, many of whom are sick and vulnerable, can suffer serious harm. To speak with a Tennessee nursing home abuse lawyer today regarding injuries your loved one sustained, contact Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz by calling 800-529-4004 or completing this contact form.