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Chattanooga Delivery Truck Accidents

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In cities like Chattanooga, Tennessee, delivery trucks seem to be everywhere. Drivers for companies like UPS, FedEx, DHL, the United States Postal Service, and more are constantly traveling from one destination to the next. This volume of traffic unfortunately means that delivery truck accidents are more common on the roads that these delivery truck drivers travel, such as I-24 and I-75. Due to the size and weight of corporate vehicles, accidents involving delivery trucks can result in very serious or even fatal injuries. If you have been injured in a delivery truck accident in Chattanooga or the surrounding area, the Chattanooga truck accident lawyers at Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz can help you pursue your claim against the responsible parties. We are the largest personal injury law firm based in Tennessee, and we have been fighting for the rights of injured victims for over 30 years.

Seeking Compensation in a Delivery Truck Accident Case

Accidents involving delivery trucks in Chattanooga can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, the truck driver may be over-worked and fatigued, leading to a lapse in concentration or even causing the driver to fall asleep at the wheel. The driver could also be distracted by a cell phone or driving under the influence of alcohol. These are just a few examples, but proof of each can help a truck accident victim establish that the truck driver was negligent in causing their injuries. If you consult with an attorney experienced in truck accident cases early in your own case, your attorney can assist you with gathering the proof you need to establish your negligence claim. Once your claim is established, your attorney will also be there to fight for maximum recovery in your case. Depending on the facts of your case and the injuries involved, recovery can include damages like past medical bills, future medical bills, past lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and more.

In some instances, the company that employs the delivery truck driver can also be held responsible for your losses. If the delivery driver was acting within the course and scope of their employment with the company, the company could be held liable under the doctrine of vicarious liability. However, the company will likely not be vicariously liable if the driver was driving on an unauthorized route or heading to an unauthorized location for some personal reason. Another theory that can be used to hold the trucking company liable is negligent hiring. An example of negligent hiring would be a company hiring a driver despite knowing that the driver has a poor driving record and a history of alcohol or drug use on the job. Other theories that may apply, depending on the facts of a particular case, include negligent training, negligent supervision, and inadequate maintenance of the truck. A knowledgeable truck wreck attorney in Chattanooga will be able to tell which legal theories apply to your case and will know how to best proceed against all responsible parties.

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