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Heber Springs, AR

Dedicated Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Heber Springs

There are many reasons in which one may find himself or herself in Heber Springs, Arkansas. The most obvious that comes to mind is the great outdoors. Each year, thousands travel to the Heber Springs area to camp, hike, fish, and enjoy nature. If you have been hurt in an accident in Heber Springs or while traveling to or from the area, call Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz. Our Heber Springs personal injury attorneys may be able to provide legal representation and help you recover for your losses. As a large regional personal injury law firm, we have the resources to handle complex cases and provide each client with the individual attention he or she deserves.

Motor Vehicle Crashes

Located in Cleburne County, Arkansas, Heber Springs boasts an impressive array of camping, cabins, and world-class resorts overlooking Greers Ferry Lake. People travel long distances to fish along the Little Red River, which is internationally known as the home of the world-record 40-pound brown trout. The most common roads to reach Heber Springs are U.S Interstate 40 and U.S. Routes 65 and 167. These wonderful outdoor recreation activities lead to one unfortunate consequence: the possibility of car and truck accidents.

Although Arkansas imposes a duty upon all drivers to operate their motor vehicles in a safe manner, individuals often drive in a negligent or reckless fashion, placing residents and visitors of Heber Spring at risk. If your accident necessitated emergency room or medical treatment, you have the right to pursue the wrongdoer for recovery. To ensure you are able to build a strong case, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer in the Heber Springs area. It may be necessary to interview witnesses, visit the scene of the accident, and inspect one or more vehicles involved. Our lawyers can help accident victims satisfy their legal burden of proof so they can get their vehicles repaired and be reimbursed for medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses.

Premises Liability

Whether you are grocery shopping, attending a neighbor’s party, or going to the movies, those in control of a property owe you a legal duty to keep their properties free of unreasonable risk and danger. Arkansas premises liability laws are designed to ensure that property owners or those in control of properties comply with their duty to keep the property in safe condition. If you slip and fall, it will be beneficial if you take photographs of the area in which you fell and gather names and contact information of witnesses. Further, your lawyer can take steps to prevent spoliation of evidence, such as video footage.

Defendants in premises liability lawsuits may rely on one of several defenses to free themselves from liability. Commonly used defenses include assumption of risk, contributory negligence, and comparative negligence. In an assumption of risk situation, the defendant claims that the injured party was reasonably aware of the risk of suffering an injury, yet decided to act anyways. By arguing contributory negligence, the defendant claims that the plaintiff contributed to their own injury, possibly preventing the recovery of any damages. Finally, in comparative negligence, the plaintiff is partially at fault, reducing the amount of damages a plaintiff may recover. Our attorneys understand how Heber Springs property owners can vigorously deny responsibility, which is why we handle all cases as though they might end up in court or at trial.

Injuries Caused by Unsafe Products, Medical Devices, and Pharmaceutical Drugs

The vast majority of products we purchase are tested to ensure they meet minimal safety standards. Sadly, however, authorities are not always made aware of safety issues in products until it is too late and someone suffers an injury. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, deaths and injuries from defective products cause over $1 trillion in damages annually. This is where product liability laws come into play – to provide injured victims with legal recourse.

If you have suffered an injury or other damages while using a defective product, you may be able to collect damages in a product liability lawsuit. Examples include airbags failing to deploy in a crash, brake failures, medications with dangerous side effects, and consumer products that malfunction. As soon as a product causes you harm, you should contact a Heber Springs personal injury lawyer to discuss your options. There are a number of different theories of liability and potential defenses that manufacturers, retailers, and other corporations may avail themselves of in this type of case, and given the complexity surrounding product liability cases, time is almost always of the essence.

Let Our Attorneys Fight for Your Rights

If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to a recover a settlement or file a lawsuit to recoup your losses. The same can be said for other areas of the law, such as medical negligence, premises liability, and nursing home negligence. Having served communities across the Natural State, our firm possesses the experience and resources necessary to gather evidence, build a case on your behalf, and help in your time of need. Contact our office toll-free by calling 800-529-4004 or by completing our online form to set up a free consultation with an attorney today.