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Greenville, MS

Personal Injury Attorneys Serving the Greenville Area

With a population exceeding 30,000 people, Greenville is the largest city in Washington County, Mississippi. Located in the Mississippi Delta, it is known for its African American heritage sites such as Nelson Street and the Mount Holly Plantation. Like other nearby cities and towns, innocent people suffer injuries each day in accidents and other incidents in the area. If this has happened to you, consulting with an injury attorney is an important first step in seeking compensation against the party or individual who caused your harm. Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz is a large regional personal injury law firm, and our Greenville personal injury lawyers assist clients in practice areas including auto accidents, trucking accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, premises liability, inadequate security, workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability, and more.

Recovering Damages for Personal Injury or Wrongful Death

In Mississippi, car accidents are a frequent occurrence. They range in severity from property damage-only wrecks to crashes involving catastrophic and permanent injuries. With busy roadways such as U.S. Highway 82 and U.S. Highway 61 running through Greenville, it is important to always be watching out for your surroundings while on the road. Driving under the influence, texting while driving, and failing to maintain a safe lookout are some of the countless examples of negligence that can contribute to a collision. Driver fatigue is an issue that particularly applies to commercial truck drivers who travel long shifts, and interstate truck drivers are bound by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s hours of service rules. Since driving while fatigued can lead to similar side effects as being under the influence of alcohol, federal trucking regulations limit the number of consecutive hours that a trucker may drive without taking a break.

In Mississippi, you may recover damages in a car or truck accident case by proving that the other driver’s negligence caused your wreck and resulting injuries. If the defendant driver was on the clock when the accident occurred, claims may be asserted against the company that employed him or her. An experienced personal injury lawyer in the Greenville area can help you gather the evidence needed to establish liability in your case and fight for full compensation for your losses.

Instead of an individual, a large corporation may be responsible for causing your harm. Each day, products are purchased and used in Washington County. In some cases, these products end up being defective or dangerous. In these situations, different types of product liability causes of action can be asserted in a lawsuit. One type is a manufacturing defect. A manufacturing defect is usually isolated to one batch of products and does not typically lead to a complete product recall. Design defects represent claims that a product’s design is unreasonably dangerous. Marketing defects usually stem from the manufacturer failing to warn the customer of hazardous side-effects that can occur through ordinary use of the product.

If you were injured while on the job, you should report the injury to your employer immediately, as providing notice is instrumental in recovering workers’ compensation benefits under Mississippi law. In Mississippi, employers with five or more employees are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. It is normally regarded as a no-fault system, meaning that the employer must pay for an injured employee’s workplace injuries suffered during the course and scope of employment, even if they employee could be considered responsible for what happened. Injured workers may recover medical benefits, wage benefits, and disability benefits depending on the full extent of the injury and prognosis.

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