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Nashville Construction Site Accidents

Each year, over 150,000 people are injured on construction sites across the country. Whether you are working to re-pave I-65 or build the next high-rise building in the downtown Nashville area, all construction sites bring with them the danger of potential accidents. The most recent figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that construction-related accidents are the leading cause of occupational deaths nationwide. If you have been injured or lost a loved one on the job, the Nashville personal injury attorneys of Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz are available to discuss your legal options today. We are the largest plaintiff’s personal injury law firm based in Tennessee, and we have the resources to handle complex cases from start to finish.

Nashville’s Booming Construction Industry

In recent years, commercial development has blossomed in Nashville and Davidson County. Hundreds of projects, valued at more than $2 billion, have either been completed or are currently underway, and in recent years, commercial property sales have set records in terms of price per square foot. Popular projects include large hotels, condominiums, high-rise office buildings, apartment complexes, restaurants, and retail centers. Further, numerous large corporations have elected to move to Nashville or build new corporate headquarters. One of the largest commercial projects in recent years was Bridgestone’s new headquarters, a 30-story building located at 200 4th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37201.

Recovering After an Accident on a Construction Site

Our construction site accident lawyers recognize that Nashville construction employees and sub-contractors are part of an inherently dangerous line of work. They operate heavy machinery, dig trenches, climb on tall ladders, work on scaffolding, and work near potentially hazardous gases and elements. Further, they must be on the lookout for large vehicles like dump trucks and cement trucks. Accordingly, when an accident does happen, injuries tend to be severe. Commonly suffered injuries at work sites include broken bones, exposure to toxic elements, nerve damage, bulging or herniated discs, paralysis, and scarring. In extreme circumstances, death may result.

Construction site accidents occur for several reasons. An accident could take place due to an unsafe work place, faulty machinery or tools, or due to the negligence of a third party. In 2015, over 930 people died in construction-related accidents, caused primarily by:

  1. Falls (over 33%), most of which were classified as falls to a lower level, while some were classified as falls through openings or collapsing structures
  2. Being struck by an object
  3. Electrocution
  4. Being caught in or between objects, which could be due to collapsing buildings, objects, or equipment

If you have been injured on a construction site, it is important to contact a construction site accident attorney in Nashville to evaluate your claim and discuss with you all of your potential legal options. Depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident, you may be able to recover under your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, from a third-party, or from the manufacturer of a defective product that caused the accident. Each claim consists of different legal theories and elements of compensation, making it critical to conduct a thorough investigation into what happened.

Retain a Nashville Construction Site Accident Lawyer Today

Construction accidents often lead to serious injuries that leave injured parties disabled or unable to continue the same type of work to which they are accustomed. We are available 24/7 – call 800-529-4004 or complete our online form to schedule a free consultation.


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