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Second Arrest Made in Connection with Galilee Memorial Gardens Cemetery

As reported by WMC Memphis, a Galilee Memorial Gardens Cemetery (“Galilee”) bookkeeper was arrested on March 29, 2014, the second arrest in connection with the Galilee scandal that has been featured on local and national news throughout 2014. According to investigators, bookkeeper Corey Taylor used Galilee office records to hide multiple bodies buried in single graves. He was charged with theft of property and the abuse of a corpse. Per investigators, Taylor also witnessed certain criminal acts occur at Galilee Memorial Gardens Cemetery, including another Galilee employee crushing caskets with a backhoe in order to make room for additional caskets.
Nahon, Saharovich and Trotz (“NST Law”), the largest personal injury law firm based in Tennessee, is currently accepting cases against Galilee Memorial Gardens Cemetery and various funeral homes due to the improper burial and/or misplacement of corpses. Galilee Memorial Gardens Cemetery has been operating without a valid Tennessee license since December 31, 2010. However, many funeral homes continued to do business with Galilee Memorial Gardens Cemetery since that time, and we are investigating claims against Galilee and also the funeral homes which did business with Galilee after December 31, 2010. To learn whether you may be entitled to financial compensation due to a loved one’s burial at Galilee Memorial Gardens Cemetery, call the NST Law Galilee Help Desk at 901-683-7000.
Team NST has already filed a lawsuit against Galilee Memorial Gardens Cemetery and its owners, and on behalf of clients, is seeking class action certification. Team NST understands heinous acts have been committed, acts that have devastated surviving family members and loved ones over the uncertainty surrounding their loved ones’ final resting place. As new information continues to be released concerning Galilee, its employees, and various funeral homes, surviving relatives may feel upset, angry, and even confused. Team NST takes pride in providing compassionate client service when guiding clients through difficult periods of time in their lives.
If a loved one has been buried at Galilee Memorial Gardens Cemetery, do not hesitate to contact the Nahon, Saharovich and Trotz Galilee Help Desk at 901-683-7000. This class action lawsuit involves complex legal issues due to the number of potential victims and parties involved. NST Law has a dedicated Galilee Practice Group, composed of attorneys and staff with the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively litigate a complex case such as this. In complex litigation cases, NST Law relies on its 29 attorneys and strong support staff of investigators and paralegals to remain organized and effectively navigate through complicated legal issues that may arise throughout the course of the case. You can trust that NST Law has experience litigating cases of this magnitude, which includes preserving evidence, utilizing effective and innovative legal strategies, and retaining qualified experts.