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If you suffer serious injuries, you may have grounds to sue for compensation or file a claim for benefits. Our Memphis personal injury attorneys can help you explore your legal options after harm caused by motor vehicle accidents, dangerous drugs, nursing home negligence, medical malpractice, inadequate apartment safety, workplace injuries, and other situations. Generally, if your accident was caused by someone else’s carelessness, you may be able to bring a personal injury claim against that person or entity. Meanwhile, an injury that occurred on the job may lead to a workers' compensation claim, while people who have worked long enough and have become disabled may be able to file a Social Security claim. If you are being paid less than minimum wage or your employer is not paying proper overtime, our office may be able to pursue a wage and hour claim on your behalf. With over 30 attorneys and 100 staff members, NST is the way to go. We are the largest personal injury firm based in Tennessee, which allows us to offer you a breadth of resources that you will not find elsewhere.

Take Legal Action Following an Accident in Tennessee

Property owners are required to keep their premises free from dangerous conditions for lawful visitors, particularly those whom they invite onto their property for an economic benefit. Moreover, apartment complexes owe certain duties to their residents as well as visitors. For example, if a third-party attacker assaults, rapes, or murders someone on the premises, it may be possible to hold the owner of the complex responsible for negligent security. As a plaintiff, you will need to establish that the apartment knew or should have known about prior attacks, such that your attack was foreseeable, and yet they failed to take adequate safety precautions.

If you are hurt in a motor vehicle accident, you also likely will need to establish negligence. You will need to show that the driver failed to drive safely and that this failure was the legal cause of your accident and injuries. If a driver was on the job when they failed to drive safely, you may hold the employer of that driver vicariously liable. You may also have grounds to sue an employer directly. For example, a trucking company that fails to conduct a background check that would have uncovered a driver's accident history may be held directly responsible under a theory of negligent hiring if you are injured by that driver's negligence.

Many people are hurt on the job, which means that they generally must file for workers' compensation benefits rather than sue their employer. In Tennessee, an employer typically must carry workers' compensation insurance if it employs five or more employees. People who are hurt on the job can potentially recover benefits such as medical costs, lost wages, and permanent impairment. Unlike in a personal injury lawsuit, any fault of your own would not necessarily prevent you from collecting workers' compensation benefits.

When you go to see a doctor, you trust that the doctor knows what they are doing when they diagnose and treat you. Unfortunately, however, doctors do make mistakes. We can review your case and consult with experts to determine whether that mistake is a basis for bringing a medical malpractice or nursing home abuse claim.

Sometimes disabling injuries or illnesses occur through no fault of any person or entity, causing the victim to not be able to work. In these cases, if you meet certain requirements, we may be able to help you navigate through the Social Security process to help obtain those benefits for you.

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