Jackson, MS Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Jackson, MS Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

Wrongful Death Lawyers Fighting for Surviving Loved Ones in Jackson

We have all seen the horrific news reports – a semi-truck crashed into motorcycle, a motorcyclist was thrown off of a bike, or a car ran into motorcycle causing it to flip multiple times. Fatal motorcycle accidents comprise a higher percentage of motorcycle accidents than do other motor vehicle wrecks. If you have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident in Jackson or Hinds County, a large void will certainly be left, especially if the loved one was your family’s primary income earner. Our Jackson fatal motorcycle accident attorneys have experience handling traumatic motorcycle crash cases, and we are ready to take your call and explain your rights under Mississippi law.

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents in Jackson, MS

The aftermath of a fatal wreck is often chaotic, leaving surviving family members to pick up the pieces. Funeral arrangements will need to be made, and families can expect to receive bills for funeral and burial costs within just days or weeks of the death. There may be medical bills due as well, if the deceased received medical treatment between the time of the accident and death. If the deceased was the primary income earner of the family, it could put the surviving spouse and children in a bind when those paychecks stop arriving. It is not uncommon for families to wonder how they can afford to make timely bill payments and provide for education and other necessities of life.

Following a motorcycle wreck, being able to recover damages pursuant to Mississippi’s wrongful death statute will depend on proving the defendant driver’s negligence. A driver may cause a fatal motorcycle accident by texting while driving, speeding, rear-ending the motorcyclist, or improperly changing lanes. To prove liability, witness testimony is often critical. The responding officer from the Jackson, MS Police Department can testify as to his or her investigation into the wreck as well as any admissions made by the defendant at the scene. An eyewitness may have seen the entire collision occur, and that person could testify as to what was witnessed.

Sometimes, a defendant driver will refuse to accept responsibility for a fatal motorcycle accident. Instead, the defendant will assert comparative fault against the deceased motorcyclist. An experienced fatal motorcycle accident lawyer in Jackson can assist you in minimizing allegations of comparative fault by gathering the proof needed to assert your claim. Sometimes, insurance companies allege comparative fault as a way to get a family to back down from bringing a claim. However, as a knowledgeable attorney will tell you, allegations of comparative negligence do not automatically bar the claim. Instead, if any fault is attributed to your loved one, the overall recovery can be reduced according to that percentage of fault. This is known as pure comparative negligence in Mississippi.

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