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Some of the most violent and deadly car wrecks are head-on collisions. This type of accident occurs when the front ends of two vehicles collide while traveling in opposite directions. Disabling injuries often result which require injured parties to suffer through extensive hospitalization, surgery, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these accidents are due to the negligent actions of one of the drivers involved. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries after a head-on collision, you may be entitled to compensation under the laws of Missouri. For over 30 years, the Cape Girardeau car accident attorneys at Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz have represented thousands injured people. Our legal team consists of more than 30 attorneys and 120 support staff members, and we are ready and willing to discuss your case with you today.

Pursuing At-Fault Parties After a Head-On Collision

Head-on collisions are devastating due to the sheer physics involved. When two vehicles collide head-on, the force of the impact often is enough to crush both vehicles and the occupants inside of them. They generally occur when one car travels into a lane of traffic heading in the opposite direction. This could be due to drowsy driving, drunk driving, distracted driving, or simply failure to navigate a curve correctly. If another driver’s negligence caused you to get hit head-on, you may be entitled to monetary damages for your bodily injuries and other losses. Proving negligence of the at-fault driver is required in order for you to seek damages.

Under Missouri law, the legal theory of negligence per se can be used establish liability. Under this theory, four elements must be met:

  1. The defendant must have violated a statute. This could include speeding through the Southeast Missouri State University campus or failing to yield while merging onto I-55. Look for any citations given by the responding police officer.
  2. The injured party must be a member of the class of people the statute was intended to protect.
  3. The injury sustained was of the kind the statute was designed to prevent.
  4. The violation of the statute was the proximate cause of the injuries sustained.

If all four elements can be met, then you may be entitled to compensation under Missouri law. Compensation awards for compensatory damages are generally divided into two categories – economic and non-economic. Economic damages are awarded based on tangible losses such as your lost wages, medical bills, prescriptions, and other monetary losses. Non-economic damages, on the other hand, encompass your pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish, and emotional distress.

A head-on collision may turn into a word versus word situation, where both drivers end up pointing the finger at the other. Those involved in a car accident in Cape Girardeau should call the police to the scene. The responding officer can interview the parties, speak with witnesses, assess the property damage, and issue citations. Missouri is a pure comparative fault state, which means the other driver may assert comparative fault against you in an effort to reduce your recovery. For example, if a judge or jury awards you $100,000 in damages but found you to be 30% at fault for the collision, you would only be able to collect $70,000.

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There are few types of car accidents that are worse than head-on collisions. Often, these cases are highly disputed and the other party will try to place as much blame on you as they can. You should retain the Cape Girardeau lawyers of Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz to ensure that your legal rights are preserved. We represent injured parties all across Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Arkansas, including in Cape Girardeau, Caruthersville, Hayti, Tupelo, Oxford, Starkville, Grenada, Columbus, Meridian, Jackson, Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Little Rock, and Jonesboro. Call us at 800-529-4004 or complete our online form for a free consultation with an injury lawyer. NST is the way to go if you are looking for a car wreck attorney to aggressively fight for your rights.

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