Cape Girardeau Failure to Maintain Lane Accidents

Cape Girardeau Failure to Maintain Lane Accidents

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In Cape Girardeau, Missouri, motorists are supposed to use reasonable care when driving. That means driving in accordance with the legal speed limit, not using one’s cell phone while driving, and so on. One aspect of reasonable care that when failed can lead to a horrific head-on accident or some other gruesome type of collision is maintaining one’s lane. Failure to maintain one’s lane often ends in crashes where the victims are inflicted with dire injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in a failure to maintain lane accident that was caused by another driver in or near Cape Girardeau, you should contact one of the Cape Girardeau car accident attorneys at Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz. As a large regional personal injury law firm, we are comprised of more than 30 skilled attorneys and over 120 dedicated staff members.

Failure to Maintain Lane Accidents

When a driver fails to maintain their lane, it is usually due to negligence, such as texting while driving, distracted driving, driving while fatigued, or drunk driving. For an example of another motorist failing to maintain his or her lane, let’s say that you are driving along Broadway Street. In the adjacent lane, you see a driver coming from the opposite direction as you, but the motorist seems mesmerized by the scenery. When that driver’s vehicle starts veering into your lane, he does not notice until his vehicle collides into the front of your vehicle.

Seeking recovery for your injuries and losses will require you to establish the negligence of the other driver. By showing that the other driver owed you a duty of reasonable care, breached said duty, and caused you to suffer injuries as a result, you can establish the defendant’s negligence, similar to when another driver failed to yield. You should consider hiring an experienced attorney for many reasons, but one reason in particular is that the defendant may accuse you of comparative negligence, which could potentially result in your recovery being reduced since the State of Missouri operates under the rule of pure comparative fault.

Once liability has been established, the focus of your case can shift to damages. This is where you may be awarded damages for your medical bills from nearby doctor’s offices and hospitals, lost wages, and more. Compensatory damages are what most victims are awarded, and compensatory damages can be categorized into two types of damages: economic damages and non-economic damages. The former can be awarded to you for your monetary losses, such as lost earning capacity, medical bills, and lost wages, while the latter is awarded for abstract losses deriving from the accident, such as mental anguish, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment of life.

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