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Inadequate Security at Local Businesses and Apartment Complexes

Recent news reports have been littered with tragic and heartbreaking stories about criminal activity at places of business and apartment complexes. Crime in Memphis is up 10% this year. Sometimes, the victims were intentionally targeted through acts such as burglary, robbery, homicide, or sexual assault, to name a few. Other times, however, innocent bystanders were the ones who suffered harm while the perpetrator was committing the criminal act.

If this happens to you or a loved one, clearly the perpetrator will bear responsibility for the harm you suffer. However, the analysis does not end there. It may be that the property owner or manager also bears responsibility for what happened. For example, was the property located in a high-crime area? Was management aware of threats made? Was criminal activity on the premises foreseeable?

NST attorney Glenn Vines recently went on WREG Channel 3 Memphis to answer these questions and more. The interview can be found here. Topics discussed included inadequate security and the duties that property owners owe to customers and tenants in Tennessee. Many inadequate or negligent security cases arise in apartment complexes, shopping malls, and convenient stores, and the results are normally catastrophic. Injuries suffered can range from broken bones to paralysis to wrongful death.

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