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Jonesboro Tanker Truck Accidents

Lawyers Serving Big Rig Crash Victims in the Jonesboro Area

Every day, drivers who travel through cities like Jonesboro are put at risk by the sheer volume of commercial trucks that travel in and around the city limits. The size and weight of most commercial trucks make them extremely dangerous to other vehicles if they become involved in an accident. Tanker trucks pose an even greater danger due to the large amount of toxic chemicals or flammable liquids that they may be carrying at any given time.

If you have been injured or a loved one was killed in a tanker truck accident, the Jonesboro truck accident attorneys at Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz are here to help you through this difficult time.

Proving a Trucker’s Negligence

Tanker trucks are often used to transport dangerous chemicals, flammable liquids, and other hazardous materials. Due to the increased danger associated with the transportation of such materials, tanker truck drivers must go through training, learn about the regulations and requirements associated with transporting hazardous materials, and obtain a hazardous materials endorsement on their commercial driver’s license (CDL). Depending on the type of material being transported, there may be further permits or requirements that must be obtained or met. These rules are set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Furthermore, trucking companies that employ tanker truck drivers must ensure that their drivers have obtained the required endorsement(s) and are following the relevant regulations. To do this, trucking companies generally maintain training records for their drivers. Failure to abide by the appropriate standard of care can give rise to claims of negligent hiring or training. If you have been involved in a tanker truck accident in Jonesboro, a lawyer with knowledge of the applicable trucking rules and regulations will be invaluable when it comes to establishing your claims against the tanker truck driver and their employer.

Recovering Compensation Following a Jonesboro Truck Accident

Tanker truck accidents often result in severe, permanent injuries. These could include exposure to toxic chemicals or permanent burns. When that level of injury is involved in a case, you may be able to recover damages far in excess of the usual damages for past medical bills, past lost wages, and pain and suffering. However, in order to recover for those additional damages, you have to know what to ask for and how to prove those damages.

Our truck accident attorneys are experienced in investigating all possible types of recovery for our clients and retaining qualified expert witnesses when appropriate. We can help to ensure that you are not leaving anything on the table when considering a settlement offer or when pursuing your claims at trial.

Retain an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer in the Jonesboro Area Today

If you have been injured in a tanker truck accident, let the experienced Jonesboro lawyers at Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz guide you in bringing your claims against the truck driver and trucking company. Our firm has been advocating for personal injury clients for over 30 years, and we have served accident victims in Jonesboro and across Arkansas. 

Contact us today for a free consultation with a truck crash lawyer by calling toll-free at 800-LAW-4004 or by completing our online form. Once you have had a chance to speak with our attorneys, you will understand why NST is the way to go.

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