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Paducah Truck Accidents

Truck Crash Lawyers Assisting Paducah Residents

Paducah is emerging as an important transportation center. Located at the convergence of the Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio Rivers, boats transport goods through the area every day. In addition, Paducah is located halfway between Nashville and St. Louis, and also close to Memphis. The popular roadways in the area – such as U.S. Interstates 24 and 57 and U.S. Routes 45 and 62 – are dense with big rigs and commercial trucks. Therefore, it is vital to stay aware of your surroundings to avoid trucking accidents. Despite how carefully you may drive, however, accidents can still happen. If you or a loved one has been injured in a collision with an 18-wheeler or big rig truck, contacting a Paducah truck accident attorney at Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz can help ensure you recover all that you may be entitled to. Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can help you.

Helping Paducah Accident Victims Recover Adequate Compensation

Truck accidents, though not as common as collisions between passenger vehicles, are some of the most devastating on the road today. Big rigs can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, and when traveling down the highway at speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour, can inflict significant damage upon smaller passenger vehicles. High impact truck accidents can cause devastating results, including paralysis, disfigurement, or wrongful death. However, injuries can even take place during collisions at low speeds due to the size and weight disparity between the vehicles.

Truck accident cases may revolve around negligent conduct of the truck driver or trucking company. In other words, an injured plaintiff must show that the defendant truck driver operated his or her vehicle in an unreasonable manner. Examples of negligent conduct in the truck driving context include:

  • Speeding
  • Drinking and driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Driving over federal hours of service standards
  • Violating a federal or state statute
  • Driving with a suspended Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
  • Unsafely transporting hazardous materials
  • Improper loading
How We Can Prove Your Case

By law, interstate trucking companies are required to carry commercial insurance policies larger than individual Kentucky citizens must carry on their personal auto policies. Thus, the stakes are often high, and big trucking companies pour significant resources into defending injury claims. It is important for Paducah victims to have a truck accident attorney on their side to fight for their legal rights. Our firm can get started immediately by obtaining police reports, speaking with witnesses, and retaining experts as needed. It is critical to take steps to prevent spoliation of evidence like driver logs, personnel files, and data from the truck itself, such as the black box. If the trucker was acting in the course and scope of employment when the wreck occurred, the trucking company could be responsible for your damages under Kentucky’s vicarious liability laws.

Developing the damages portion is a critical part of any Kentucky personal injury case. Even if the trucking company were to admit responsibility, they could still contest the amount of damages suffered. Comparative negligence may be a decisive factor in a case. In Kentucky, your compensation can be reduced by any fault attributed to you by a judge or jury. This is important to note, especially if you or a loved one suffered catastrophic injuries that are permanent in nature. For example, you can recover the cost of medical treatment, past and future, including bills for hospitalization, primary care visits, surgery, prescriptions, and other forms of treatment. Lost wages are another element of damages, including diminished future earning capacity.

Unique Issues in Truck Accident Cases

In a collision involving two passenger vehicles, the plaintiff typically recovers from the other driver. In the truck accident context, however, an injured plaintiff may be able to recover directly from the defendant driver’s employer. This concept is known as respondeat superior, and states that an employer is liable for the damages its employee causes if the employee was acting within the scope of employment at the time the injuries or damages occurred. Another concept to be aware of is known as the statute of limitations period, which puts a time limit on how long an injured plaintiff has to file a personal injury lawsuit. In Kentucky, an injured plaintiff has two years from the date the accident occurred to reach a settlement or file a lawsuit in the appropriate court.

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