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Maryville Truck Accidents

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Although any auto accident can be life-changing, truck accidents can be particularly devastating. Unfortunately for Maryville residents, motor vehicle collisions involving trucks are prevalent, especially in and around U.S. Highways 411 (West Broadway Avenue), 129 (Alcoa Highway, “The Dragon”), 321 (Lamar Alexander Parkway), and Highways 334 (Louisville Road), 336 (Montvale Road), 335 (Hunt Road), 33 (East Broadway Avenue), and 35 (Hall Road). If you were injured in an accident involving an 18-wheeler tractor-trailer truck, it can be difficult to know what to do, especially because trucking insurance companies have many resources at their disposal to defend their drivers. However, if you are a victim of a truck accident, you deserve to have just as many resources dedicated toward getting you compensated for your losses and damages. Contact a Maryville truck accident lawyer to help you bring your personal injury case.

Gathering Evidence to Build Your Case

Insurance companies do what it takes to defend their insureds, or clients, and they often seek to save their companies money. It is not unusual to hear that adjusters for trucking insurance companies show up to accident scenes shortly following a collision or approach innocent victims to obtain statements while they are hurt and trying to receive medical treatment. Insurance companies for 18-wheeler trucking companies move quickly, so you should, too.

Although your foremost concern should be to ensure your own safety and receiving proper medical treatment, an important concern should be preserving evidence. If you are involved in a motor vehicle wreck with a truck, call the police immediately. Depending on your location, the Maryville Police Department, Blount County Sherriff’s Office, or Tennessee Highway Patrol will respond to the scene and begin an investigation. The police should request that each involved driver provide their identification and insurance information. Make sure to provide a clear and concise statement about what you witnessed and provide the police with the names and phone numbers of any additional witnesses who may have approached you and told you that they saw what happened. These witnesses could be your lifelines, as our attorneys can contact them on behalf of injured truck accident victims. If law enforcement is able to determine fault, they may issue citations to the at-fault party. Any information pertaining to identification, insurance, party statements, witness statements, and citations would appear on the crash accident or police report.

It is important that you have an advocate who can conduct an investigation for you beyond what the police do. An experienced truck accident attorney in the Maryville area should be familiar with federal regulations promulgated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guiding truck drivers; these trucking laws dictate the types of daily logs that drivers must keep, how often trucks must be inspected and maintained, and even when drivers must take breaks between trips. Knowing these federal trucking laws could make or break your case, and our firm can retain expert witnesses when needed to establish rule violations.

Your lawyer can also interview witnesses and obtain statements that would be admissible in court. A Maryville truck accident attorney can also contact insurance companies on your behalf to try to learn whether the defendant is willing to accept responsibility for the accident, and if not, why. That way, your attorney will know how to build your case.

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