Jackson, MS Hit and Run Motorcycle Accidents

Jackson, MS Hit and Run Motorcycle Accidents

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Have you seen an injured motorcyclist lying on the side of the road next to a wrecked bike with nobody else in sight? It is likely that person was involved in a hit and run motorcycle accident. While those riding on a motorcycle already face an increased risk of harm when struck by a larger car, the chances of suffering a serious injury multiply when the at-fault driver leaves the scene. In this situation, the injured person may not be able to receive prompt medical attention if he is unable to call 911. If you have been hit by someone who drove away, you may be left with more questions that answer. At Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz, our Jackson motorcycle accident attorneys are dedicated to fighting for the rights of accident victims, and our team is ready to take your call today.

Hit and Run Motorcycle Accidents

If involved in an accident, you should remain at the scene. Otherwise, you may be in violation of Mississippi law. Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime, and offenders may be prosecuted in criminal court.

A personal injury claim following a hit and run motorcycle accident in the Jackson area can be asserted in civil court. It will first be imperative to investigate the wreck and attempt to locate the hit and run driver. The police will normally begin their investigation by speaking with the victim and reaching out to witnesses who may have obtained the defendant’s tag number or noticed a corporate logo on the side of the car. That information can be used to track down the driver and ensure that person is held accountable for causing the collision. Assuming the hit and run driver is not able to be located, it may be appropriate to file an uninsured motorist claim in order to recover damages for medical bills, lost wages, and non-economic losses.

In a motorcycle wreck case, a critical task will be proving the defendant’s negligence in causing the collision, not necessarily in leaving the scene. In Mississippi, proving negligence entails establishing that another driver breached a duty owed to you to act in a reasonable manner under the circumstances. For instance, if you were riding your motorcycle near Duling Hall on Duling Avenue in Jackson, and a pickup truck driver makes an illegal left turn from Morgan Place and strikes you, it is likely that you can establish negligence. If the impact is severe, the defendant leaves the scene, and you are not able to obtain medical treatment as quickly as needed, you would be entitled to damages for your injuries sustained in the crash, which could be life-threatening. This scenario highlights the dangers of hit and run motorcycle accidents, as it may turn into a fatal motorcycle accident case if you cannot receive prompt medical assistance.

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