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Halloween 2018 Safety Tips

kids dressed up for Halloween Halloween 2018 is here – and it’s shaping up to be as festive as ever. It’s one of the more popular holidays, and there are plenty of fun options for people of all ages. Halloween traditions include scary movies, dressing up, costume parties, eating candy, trick or treating, and more. No matter how you or your loved ones choose to participate in Halloween festivities, always put safety above everything else.

Halloween Statistics

Millions of people nationwide will celebrate Halloween this year. While always one of the most fun nights of the year, unfortunately it’s also one of the most dangerous nights of the year.

To put things into perspective, did you know:

  • 41 million children trick or treat annually?
  • 70% of parents allow their children to trick or treat alone?
  • Children are 2 times as likely to be killed in a car accident on Halloween?
  • 63% of trick or treaters don’t carry flashlights?
  • 65% of parents don’t discuss Halloween safety with their kids?

Tips for a Safe Halloween

Safety is always paramount. On Halloween, we should be even more careful because more danger risks exist compared to normal nights. Below are just some of the ways adults and children can ensure a healthy and safe Halloween.

Wear Safe Costumes

  • Be careful with masks, as they can obstruct your vision. Be sure you can see fully out of your mask, if worn.
  • If you wear a costume, mask, wig, or use a prop, make sure it is fire-resistant.
  • Make sure your costume can be seen by others in the dark.
  • Kids should use safe makeup to avoid skin or eye irritation.

Always Be Visible to Others

  • Use light reflectors or glow sticks. Otherwise, you may not be visible to an oncoming vehicle.
  • Use flashlights when possible to stay aware of your surroundings and prevent falls.

Pedestrian Safety

  • Always look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Parents should accompany their children.
  • Walk only on well-lit streets or well-lit areas. Areas without light are more susceptible to crime and theft.

Food/Drink Safety

  • Adults consuming alcohol at parties should beware of punch or other common sources of alcohol. Be careful about the possibility of your drink being spiked.
  • Parents should take steps to prevent unsafe underage drinking.
  • Children should wait until they return home before eating treats made by other people.
  • Look at the expiration date on any food obtained while trick or treating.

Don’t Drink and Drive

  • 52% of car accident deaths on Halloween involve alcohol.
  • Police are always on the lookout for drunk drivers, especially on Halloween.
  • If you decide to drink alcohol, arrange for a sober driver or consider using ridesharing services like Uber or Lyft.

Drive Safely

  • Always look out for pedestrians and trick or treaters.
  • Young children are harder to see when it’s dark outside.
  • Drive slow in and around residential areas.
  • Go slow and be careful when entering neighborhoods and turning onto residential streets.

If we, as a community, follow these tips and take appropriate measures to avoid danger, we should all have a healthy, happy, and fun Halloween.