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2 Dead, Multiple Injured After Bus Overturns in Desoto County, MS

Multiple news outlets are reporting a bus accident in Desoto County, Mississippi, earlier today that has left at least 26 people injured and 2 people deceased. The bus was traveling on Interstate 269 near the U.S. 78 exit when it was rear-ended by another vehicle. Icy conditions were present, per authorities. As a result of being rear-ended, the bus ended up flipping over.

Emergency responders arrived at the scene, as approximately 45 people were on the bus. Around 26 people were injured (including 3 in serious condition), and 2 suffered fatal injuries. Of the injured parties, at least 19 passengers were sent to Baptist Desoto and 7 more were sent to Baptist Collierville. According to a spokesperson for Baptist, the bus, operated by Alabama charter bus company Teague VIP Express was traveling from Huntsville, Alabama, and the passengers ranged in age from 40-70 years old.

Common carriers such as charter buses must follow rigorous standards put in place by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These federal laws regulate bus company and driver conduct such as vehicle maintenance, driver training, and mandatory driver rest. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Teague VIP Express is based in Anniston, Alabama, authorized to carry passengers.

Winter Weather Safe Driving Tips

When ice and snow arrive, safety takes first priority. Each near, almost 900 people are killed and 76,000 are hurt in car wrecks during wintry weather. Accidents are much more likely to take place in icy conditions, which is why we should all take steps to exercise caution and be safe.

Here are some common tips on how to drive safely when wintry weather and storms hit your area:

  • Drive slowly, even under the speed limit if necessary – going too fast could cause your vehicle to hydroplane
  • Always look for other cars
  • Increase driving distance between cars
  • Do not drive while tired or fatigued
  • Avoid cruise control
  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly – it gets harder to develop traction if you go too fast
  • Give more space for slowing down – icy conditions make it harder to come to a complete stop
  • Stay indoors if possible
  • Be careful and go slow when making turns