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Personal Injury Legal News

In December 2014, this blog discussed a Knoxville, Tennessee accident involving 2 school buses. The crash resulted in 3 fatalities and injuries to 19 others. The accident occurred as one of the bus drivers, 48-year-old James Davenport, made a sharp left turn, drove across a median, and collided with the other bus. Following the wreck, the Knoxville Police Department began investigating to determine “the cause of the crash whether it be from human error, a mechanical issue, weather related or a combination of factors.” In June 2015, Knoxville PD released the results of its investigation – the bus driver was texting while operating the bus. According to interviews and records reviewed, the driver had sent and received multiple text messages in the minutes leading up to the accident.

In September 2015, a jury awarded damages of $10 million to the family of a 9-year-old killed in a March 2012 auto accident. The child, then a fourth grade student, was riding on a St. Lucie (Florida) School District school bus that pulled out in front of and collided with a commercial truck carrying sod. Suit was filed against the bus driver, school district, bus manufacturer, and trucking company, Cypress Trucking. At trial, attorneys for the school district pointed the finger at the truck company, claiming the truck driver was speeding. Ultimately, the jury assessed 87% fault against the school district and 13% against the trucking company.

In August 2015, two divisions of the U.S. Department of Transportation released statistics concerning motor vehicle crashes within the United States. First, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) compared the number of traffic fatalities between the first quarters of 2014 and 2015. From 2014 to 2015, traffic fatalities increased from 6,850 to 7,500, an increase of 9.5%. Second, the Federal Highway Administration (“FHWA”) pointed out that Americans are now driving more miles than ever. Since 1981, the amount of miles driven across the United States has doubled. According to the FHWA, “U.S. driving topped 1.54 trillion miles in the first half of 2015, beating the previous record – 1.5 trillion, set in June 2007.” Similarly, driving in the United States has increased for 16 consecutive months. In June 2015 alone, over 275 billion miles were driven in the United States, a record for any month of June in history. 

According to a report by the Associated Press, truck driver fatigue contributed to a high-profile truck accident that left comedian Tracy Morgan and many others critically injured. The accident occurred in June 2014 when a Wal-Mart truck rear ended Morgan’s limousine in New Jersey, causing a chain-reaction accident. In total, 21 people across 6 vehicles were involved in this wreck. 

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