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Personal Injury Legal News

A New Jersey trucking accident case in which a 47-year-old man was injured recently settled for $1.25 million at mediation. The accident occurred as the man’s vehicle was rear ended by a large commercial truck and pushed into the car in front of him.  Following the accident, the man was taken to a nearby emergency room for neck and back pain.  He was released from the hospital, but due to continued pain, he returned five days later. MRI and diagnostic tests revealed multiple bulging discs and herniated discs in his neck and back.  To recover from these injuries, the victim underwent extensive therapy and medical procedures recommended by doctors.

A Florida jury recently awarded $7.35 million to a 54-year-old man critically injured in a trucking accident.  The accident occurred on Highway 27, when a Volvo tractor trailer crossed the median and struck the victim’s vehicle. The impact crushed the victim’s left leg and caused three (3) fractures in his left arm. The victim was transported by helicopter from the scene to a nearby hospital. Due to his condition, the victim’s leg had to be amputated. He was given a prosthetic replacement leg that eventually caused pain, skin breakdown, and ulcers.  At the conclusion of his trucking accident trial, the jury found the big rig driver to be 100% at fault for the accident and awarded $7.35 million in damages to the victim.

Following a recent 12-day trial, a California jury awarded $5.741 million to a man injured in a 2010 trucking accident.  The accident occurred when the victim was rear ended by a commercial truck on a California interstate. Due to the impact, the victim’s pickup truck rolled over before coming to a rest on its roof.  The man was transported to a nearby hospital and diagnosed with blunt force trauma to the head, eyebrow contusions, and a right wrist fracture. Approximately one month after the accident, the victim was referred to a neurologist and was taken off of work due to his condition.  As a result of this trucking accident, the victim also sustained a mild to moderate brain injury that caused dizziness and headaches.  The $5.741 million jury verdict includes $4 million for future and pain and suffering and $1 million for past pain and suffering.  

Recently, a California jury awarded over $9.2 million to a 25-year-old woman injured in three-car accident near Needles, California.  The woman was a front seat passenger in a vehicle being driven from California to Rhode Island.  Prior to the accident, her car was traveling in the left lane of Interstate 40, while a commercial truck was traveling in the far right lane of Interstate 40.  A third vehicle subsequently merged onto Interstate 40, and that driver lost control of the wheel, striking the commercial truck. After being hit, the commercial truck swerved left towards the woman’s vehicle, causing the woman’s driver to swerve, leave the interstate, and roll across lanes of traffic before ultimately stopping.  During this accident, the woman’s right foot went through the passenger side window of her car. Three toes had to be amputated shortly thereafter. Over the next three weeks, the woman underwent five surgical procedures and lost the remaining toes on that foot.  Following the trial, the jury awarded the woman $9,281,348 in damages and determined the commercial trucking company/driver and driver of the third vehicle were each 50% at fault for the accident and woman’s injuries.

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